Who Does the Military Back?

The Army Times conducted a poll of military personnel. In summary:

  McCain Obama
Overall 68 23
By Service:    
Army 68 23
Navy 69 24
Air Force 67 24
Marines 75 18
By Race/Ethnicity    
White Non-Hispanic 76 17
Hispanic 63 27
Black/African-American 12 79
Other 58 30
By Rank    
Enlisted 67 24
Officers 70 22
By Duty Status    
Active-Duty 67 24
Guard & Reserve 71 21
Retirees 72 20

A word from academia:

“The military has been perceived as a conservative Republican institution,” said Peter Feaver, a political science professor at Duke University and a special adviser to the National Security Council from 2005 to 2007.

“A lot of people thought that eight years of frustration with the Bush administration was going to undermine that,” he said. “This evidence suggests that it hasn’t undermined it as much as they thought, at least not yet.”

Indeed not. After all, the total lack of experience (and understanding) of B. Hussein Obama doesn’t bode well for a Democrat takeover.

But the interesting thing about this poll is the answer to this question:

What is the most important issue for you in deciding for whom you will vote for president?

Character of the candidate:    
  Overall 42%
  Whites 45%
  Hispanics 39%
  Blacks 18%
  Other 40%
The economy:    
  Overall 25%
  Whites 23%
  Hispanics 28%
  Blacks 50%
  Other 28%
War in Iraq:    
  Overall 16%
  Hispanics 21%
  Blacks 23%
  Other 17%

Note: percentages estimated from looking at a graph for anything
other than "Overall", but they are pretty darn close.

Who would have thought that the prosecution of the war would be third on the list of priorities for those charged with carrying the fight to our enemies? Could it be because they know they are winning, and thus other items take precedence? Or could it be because character counts, no matter what the issue? Well, for Whites, Hispanics, and "Other" anyway.

Anyone see any ACORN representatives staking out military bases? No? I wonder why . . .