VAT Response Roundup

The Hill’s Congress Blog asks The Big Question: Would a VAT make sense for the U.S.? The article contains responses from internet a variety of sources. My favorite:

Justin Raimondo, editorial director of, said:

If you want to kill off what’s left of the economy and impoverish the average American, then — please, by all means — be my guest and impose a “value-added tax.” A new tax during a recession is the best way to push us into a full-fledged depression. We can call it America’s Great Obama Depression, or to depersonalize it somewhat, simply “the Demo-pression.” Just for the historical record, you understand ….

Demopression. Nice. Yes, it started on Bush’s watch. But the non-stimulating stimulus and trillions of additional debt forced on us by the Democrats radically extended the depression, just as Roosevelt’s socialist policies did during the Great Depression. Demopression. Again.

My thoughts on a VAT were posted yesterday.

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Posted April 9th, 2010 Filed in Taxes and the IRS