Traitor Gets Slap on Wrist

Ronald Montaperto was an intelligence analyst for the Pentagon. He has been convicted of passing “highly classified” information to the Chinese.

A crime for which he will serve three months in jail, three months of home detention and five years’ probation.

That’s right. A man that compromised national security will spend three months in jail, in spite of the fact that sentencing guidelines call for four to five years.

Why so little? Judge Gerald Bruce Lee (a Clinton appointee) was impressed that other traitors that infest our intelligence agencies wrote character references in support of Montaperto.

Rep. Peter Hoekstra, chairman of the House intelligence committee, said he is concerned by the apparent support for Montaperto from the U.S. intelligence community and promised a committee probe.

You would think that the intel community would set the standard for holding people accountable for mishandling and passing of classified information to our enemies,” Mr. Hoekstra said.

First, believing intelligence officers about the character of a fellow intelligence officer is like asking doctors to sanction other doctors who commit malpractice. Or judges sanctioning other judges for making up the rules as they go along rather than following the law. It just doesn’t happen that often.

Second, who still believes that the members of our intelligence community have any respect for the rule of law or want to support American interests?

Third, how many more judgements like this will it take before Americans stand up and demand judicial reform?

Our dear friend Judge Lee (described as a “hero to criminal defense attorneys“) is the one responsible for sentencing American terrorist Ahmed Abu-Ali, who was convicted of providing material support to al Qaeda and was involved in a conspiracy to assassinate President Bush. Judge Lee decided not to impose the death penalty and settled for the much lighter sentence of 30 years.

Lee is also notorious for dismissing the kidnapping and murder charges against Jay Lentz even though a jury had found him guilty.

Legal experts said Lee’s ruling, which came after he excluded much of the evidence prosecutors wanted to present to jurors, marked the first time a judge dismissed a jury verdict in a federal death penalty case.

Judge Lee, setting precedence and making it up as he goes along. What ever happened to shooting those who commit treason?

Finally, remember Lawrence Franklin? He was recently convicted of passing some classified material just like Montaperto. So here’s a little table presented for comparison purposes:

  Ronald Montaperto Lawrence Franklin
Occupation Intelligence Analyst Intelligence Analyst
Conviction Passing classified material to
our enemy, the Red Chinese
Passing classified material to
our allies, the Israelis
Sentence 3 months jail, 3 months house
arrest, 5 years probation
12 years in prison
Judge Gerald Bruce Lee
Appointed by Clinton
T. S. Ellis III
Appointed by Reagan

And some people don’t think it’s important to have a Republican in the White House.

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