Ten Reasons to Hate France

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Michael Brandon McClellan has five reasons why Americans should cheer for France in today’s World Cup matchup against the Italians (also posted on his blog). He does this in spite of the fact that:

Since their failure to support us in Iraq, France-bashing has become almost as popular of a sport amongst the American punditry as America-bashing is en vogue amongst their French counterparts.

In this, McClellan implies that bashing the French is a recent affectation, when quite the opposite is true. One of the most beloved American authors, Mark Twain, did so frequently with quips like, “France has usually been governed by prostitutes”, “French are the connecting link between man and the monkey”, and my personal favorite:

A dead Frenchman has many good qualities, many things to recommend him; many attractions–even innocencies. Why cannot we have more of these?

Even Saturday Night Live agrees that it is time that we “got back to hating the French”.

With that in mind, let’s first tear apart McClellan’s reasons for supporting France, and then list a few reasons for why we should continue to loathe the French.

McClellan’s Reasons to root for the French:

Reason One: The Fourth of July

While it is true, as McClellan says, that France gave “French blood, treasure, and frigates”, let’s examine why.

King Charles XVI made few decision on his own, and no issue of any import bothered his dull mind for long. But his foreign minister, Charles Gravier, Comte de Vergennes, hated England with an intensity that rivals the most passionate anti-French American of today.

Nor was it a one-sided agreement: in return for military support the fledgling nation agreed to engage in commerce, trading agricultural products and raw materials for manufactured goods. In other words, France would now have access to the very thing that had given Britain its great wealth without all the trouble of trying to rule a populace across an ocean.

War between France and England was seen as inevitable, so by supporting the colonies the French hoped to divert English resources. Plus, should war erupt, there was the hope of carving off the West India Islands which was in British hands.

As for the Marquis de Lafayette (which McClellan mentions), his (and other idealistic young Frenchmen’s) participation in the Revolution was expressly forbidden. Indeed, upon hearing that he was preparing to leave a warrant for his arrest was issued. So don’t thank the French for giving us a general.

In fact, students of the Revolution know that France acted throughout with the most selfish of reasons — there was no altruism involved. Knowledge of France’s motives is really reason number one to dislike the French.

Reason Two: The Statue of Liberty

The statue is, as McClellan says, “no ordinary gift”. Yet it is hardly equivalent to the $2.3 billion that the United States “loaned” France under the Marshall Plan. I know that Britain finally paid off its debt (in May of this year), but has France?

Reason Three: The Middle of the United States

Ah, the bargain of the Louisiana Purchase. Yep, a good deal that stunned Jefferson and his negotiators. They had been willing to pay up to $10 million for New Orleans alone, but Napoleon offered them all of the territory to which the French laid claim for a mere $15 million, instantly doubling the size of our nation. Why?

Napoleon was losing control of Saint-Domingue (the Haiti of today) to a slave rebellion and thus didn’t have the forces to occupy and control the territory. He was faced with a choice: give up his dream of a New World empire or give up his dream of conquering England. As war with England was deemed inevitable (as was always the case with the French), it seemed likely that England would just take advantage of the conflict and take the New World territory anyway (via Canada). So why not? After all, they had given it to Spain once and only recently taken it back. And one-quarter of the money was poured right back into the American economy: 20 million francs was to be used to cover French debts to American arms producers who had suffered during the Franco-British war.

But the bottom line is that the sale had little nothing to do with helping America, and everything to do with establishing an empire. A year after the sale, Napoleon Bonaparte crowned himself Emperor. Motives again, which upgrades reason number one from a reason to dislike the French to a full-blown reason to hate the French, especially given the fact that the money helped finance a war on all of Europe.

Reason Four: World War I

Yes, it is true that the “French people fought for four years as the anvil to Kaiser Wilhelm’s war hammer,” and that this was tragic. But for this I should root for their soccer team? By that reasoning, I should take the side of the Iranians for having fought and died in chemical attacks perpetuated by Saddam Hussein. No thanks.

Reason Five: The Tricolor

The Tricolor marched against the imperial ambitions of the Second Reich, against the hatred of the Third Reich, and it stood, under NATO, against the Hammer and Sickle of the Soviet Union.

The Tricolor flew over ships that attacked our merchant ships and over soldiers that folded to the Third Reich in record time. The Tricolor flew over the collaborationist and counterrevolutionary Vichy France regime.

Today, the Tricolor stands with any tyrant willing to fill the pockets of the prostitutes in charge of France. It stands for mealymouthed diplomacy that has results in massive grants and concessions to anyone that threatens to build a missile or attack another country. It no longer deserves our respect. As far as I am concerned, the Tricolor and everything it has stood for (or not stood for) is reason number two to hate the French.

And so a review of McClellan’s reasons gives us two solid reasons to hate the French. But wait, there’s more!

AlphaPatriot’s Reasons to Hate the French:

Reason One: French Privateers

French perfidy came early in American history: by the summer of 1797, France had seized 300 American ships and broken off diplomatic relations, demanding bribes and an outrageous loan to the government just to begin negotiations (resulting in the rhetoric, “Millions for defense, sir, but not one cent for tribute!” How typically American!).

All of which led to the “Quasi-War“, the build up of the tiny American Navy, the reestablishment of the Marine Corps and, due to widespread hostility towards the French, the passing of the infamous Alien and Sedition Acts.

During the two years of the Quasi-War about 85 French ships were taken as prizes, quite an accomplishment for the tiny American Navy, and some victories were spectacular.

Reason Two: Rousseau

Although born in Switzerland, the French have embraced Jean-Jacques Rousseau as one of their own and you can find statues of him littering the landscape throughout France.

Rousseau can arguably be blamed for communism because of his work The Social Contract which documented the concepts of “general will” and the belief that private property leads to greed, competition, vanity, inequality, and vice.

Rousseau inflicted
, significant harm to educational philosophy with the publication of Émile.

Rousseau even brought death and destruction to his adopted homeland. Napoleon is said to have exclaimed, “If there had been no Rousseau, there would have been no Revolution, and without the Revolution, I should have been impossible.”

Even if you don’t blame the French Revolution on Rousseau, there is little doubt that he made it worse. Indeed, Maximilien Robespierre was a fanatical devotee of Rousseau’s social theories, reputedly sleeping with a copy of Rousseau’s Social Contract at his side. One can remember Robespierre as one of the principal architects of the Reign of Terror, which ended with his arrest and subsequent guillotining. During the eleven months of “The Terror” over 200,000 French citizens were arrested, 10,000 of those died in pestiferous jails and 17,000 death sentences were handed down.

Rousseau was an adulterer, put all five of his children into orphanages (where most children died), was sexist, and eventually went insane and died. Yet we are still saddled with his horrid legacy. Worst of all, I had to read five of his books in one semester of my lone PoliSci course.

Aside: I have it on good authority that admiration for Rousseau is the reason that we have the phrase “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. The original read, “life, liberty and property”. Think of how the eminent domain issue would be influenced had Rousseauian thought not intruded.

So while Rousseau has given us many, many reasons to hate the French, we will only count him as one.

Reason Three: Napoleon

Right smack in the middle of the Reign of Terror, the “new” French promote Napoleon Bonaparte to Brigadier General — and the man wasn’t even French (nor did he ever learn to speak French particularly well!). But by 1800 he was a virtual dictator as First Consul.

And even though the French had just gone through a bloody revolution in the name of liberté, égalité, fraternité, they up and elected Napoleon Consulate for Life by 1802, after which he crowns himself Emperor of France in 1804. Beginning in 1803 and continuing for eleven years he waged war across Europe, crushing 70 million Europeans under his tyrannical heel.

Sure, he was eventually defeated and exiled to Elba. But when Napoleon showed up in Paris nine months later he once again took power without firing a shot. Yes, the French inflicted Napoleon on the world not once, but twice (but we will only count Napoleon as a whole as a single reason to hate the French).

And so started the Hundred Days, which ended at Waterloo. Thank heavens for the Brits.

Reason Four: Dien Bien Phu

The Viet Minh arose to throw off a hundred years of French colonialism and in 1946 the French creates a puppet government for South Vietnam. What followed was a long, expensive and bloody campaign to keep their colony until, in 1953, the French tried for a decisive military victory to strengthen their position at peace talks scheduled for the next year.

The place they chose was Dien Bien Phu, located in a remote Vietnamese valley near the border with Laos and China. But instead of a decisive victory, General Vo Nguyen Giap conducted a brilliant 56-day siege that ended with a French surrender of 11,000 men (of which a little over 4,000 survived captivity).

The French showed that a third-world country could defeat a western nation, giving hope to would-be communists everywhere.

And as a result, the French negotiated and withdrew their forces from Indochina, leaving a gap that Eisenhower felt the need to fill. If only the French hadn’t whimped out and accepted the two tactical nukes that Eisenhower offered.

Reason Five: Vichy Kills Allies

It’s one thing to fold under a Nazi blitzkrieg and set up a collaborationist government. It is quite another to spill Allied blood to keep on being occupied by a monster.

In 1941 a mainly-Australian Allied force entered Syria to prevent the Nazis from using it as a base for for attacks on Allied forces in Egypt and to protect the oil supplies coming from Iraq.

The Vichy forces, including elements of the French Foreign Legion, were instructed to fight against any Free French cause and did so passionately. Vichy forces lost about 1,000 soldiers. The Australians suffered about 1,500 casualties, including 416 deaths.

In 1942, an invasion of North Africa by U.S. and British forces is planned. Operation Torch was launched and (predictably) the French forces fired on us.

The French Resistance took control of key locations in Algiers in the hours before the invasion. However, American Consul Robert Murphy was unable to convince General Alphonse Juin (the senior French Army officer in North Africa) or Admiral François Darlan (commander of all Vichy French forces) to side with the allies and the Vichy retook almost all the positions by morning. (Of course, the entire city surrendered by six that evening when the Americans came to town.)

French ground forces resisted for three days, causing about 3000 casualties on each side and the French navy stubbornly fought on behalf of their Nazi master for several days.

Reason Six: Oil for Palaces

This one is simple enough: Chirac supported the Oil for Palaces program even though he knew it was crooked. He opposed the liberation of Iraq because it affected the French purse. To hell with starving children or the fact that their daddies were being fed into plastic shredders or disappearing into mass graves in the desert. There was money to be made!

Reason Seven: My Experience in Paris

I spent nine hours in Paris and it was fantastic. I would live there, if not for the people.

At one point we jumped on a crowded bus, at which point I came face-to-face with Parisians. Or, I should say, nose to armpit.

The rumors of poor personal hygiene are absolutely true. I held my nose for two blocks before stumbling off, gasping, eyes streaming, forcing my traveling companions to walk the rest of the way because I simply could not take it!

Add to this the incredible French arrogance, the fact that they create a French word for every new concept rather than accepting foreign words into their language (“diskette” is “diskette” in every country except France), and those really really tiny portions they serve and we have another ample reason to hate the French.


OK, I’ve given nine good reasons to hate the French (two from McClellan and seven of my own. I figure the comments section will yield at least one more good reason to fill out the ten that I put in the title.

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99 Responses to “Ten Reasons to Hate France”

  1. Hillbilly says:

    “King Charles XVI (…) In fact, students of the Revolution know that”
    In fact, students of the Revolution know that it was LOUIS XVI
    “I spent nine hours in Paris”
    You think your own very little personnal experience is to be taken for truth… and talk about arrogance !

  2. clem says:

    hello Alpha Patriot,
    I am french, and I fuck beautiful american girls on a regular basis. They actually say to me that they love my smell, when we are in bed.
    Stop watching Fox TV and go get some real informations. On your country first, before mine.
    Kisses from France,

  3. carl says:

    Ok, so AlphaPatriot is basing his comments on hate. Whoop-dee-fuckin-doo. Who cares? Its his right to hate if he wants. Personally, I wait to meet someone and then I judge whether theyre stupid or ignorant or a coward or what have you. As for an entire country, such as France, I let their laws and their governmental system speak for the country as a whole.
    I’m not even going to go into the details that I want to because I know that nobody will read the entire thing, but France basically has a socialist system. This is foolish for multiple reasons. The biggest one being that eventually nobody will see the value in working when everybody else is being taken care of and the entire economy will collapse in on itself.
    I happen to think that the french government is full of cowards, and that up until recently (Sarcozy was elected) the people werent much better. Now that the people have made a choice and elected a conservative president, my opinion is starting to turn around.
    I believe that the vast majority of the world is pro-everybody, anti-nobody. I dont hate the French. I dislike them. I dont think that the majority of French people hate us. Mexicans and Asians obviously dont hate us: many are jumping fences and hiding their entire families in cargo ships just to get here. So its baseless to say that everybody hates America, just as there is no reason to hate the French.

  4. Frenchman says:

    Before bashing the governments and history of other peoples, take a thorough look and attention at the history and practises of your government dickface. Ask what you call Niggers, injuns, spics, etc… what they think of your Democratic values asshole ? how about Hiroshima for Dien bien Phu fuckhole ?
    Continue on living your life thinking everyone else is wrong and your fucking country is right above all. That’s what the Hitler fanatics thought of Germany… that’s how bullies act, that’s how little children behave, and that’s how Terrorists preach. Fuck you.

  5. usman says:

    USA USA USA !!! all you american haters can go to hell, we are the one supreme nation on earth ! We don’t have any lessons to receive from anyone who bashes our freedoms. Fuck all of you and your pathetic, useless, poor, tax-ridden countries who preach and cry about the environment. Fuck the environment, long live money and free enterprise and please stay in your countries (where you by the way love our dress).
    so long world, long live america. (the US of, fuck the rest.)

  6. Aeligwenn says:

    -You have the death penalty.
    -You killed Martin Luther King.
    -You are racist.
    -You kill poor people in Iraq to spare money.
    -Your president cheated to be elected and you never complained about it.
    -You gave us Mac Donald and its “healthy” meals.
    -You think it is normal to have a gun when you’re 2 years old.
    -You want everybody to think that you are the savior of the world.
    – You hate gay people
    -You don’t care about the global warming
    -You could have Al Gore as a president but you chose Bush
    This gives me 10 reasons to hate the States, but I don’t, because I know most of your people is not that bad, I know perfect world does not exists, and I know that it is by hating people that we start a war….
    By the way, we might be stupid, or whatever, but let’s try to talk about it in French…
    Open your mind….

  7. Aeligwenn says:

    -You have the death penalty.
    -You killed Martin Luther King.
    -You are racist.
    -You kill poor people in Iraq to spare money.
    -Your president cheated to be elected and you never complained about it.
    -You gave us Mac Donald and its “healthy” meals.
    -You think it is normal to have a gun when you’re 2 years old.
    -You want everybody to think that you are the savior of the world.
    – You hate gay people
    -You don’t care about the global warming
    -You could have Al Gore as a president but you chose Bush
    This gives me 10 reasons to hate the States, but I don’t, because I know most of your people is not that bad, I know perfect world does not exists, and I know that it is by hating people that we start a war….
    By the way, we might be stupid, or whatever, but let’s try to talk about it in French…
    Open your mind….

  8. Nico says:

    I’m French, I live in Paris, you don’t know me.
    Do you hate me?

  9. Spacehap says:

    First off, I would like to apologize to the international community for this web site and it’s article. This article is extremely bigoted and makes every American look like an asshole. As an American I can say that most people over here do not share these views. They are stupid and piss me off.
    Secondly, I would like to say to those of you who are bashing Americans you are being jut as bigoted as the people(or person) who wrote this, specifically Aeligwenn. You made extreme generalizations that made you look even worse than you were trying to make the US look.

  10. Jean-Claude says:

    Don’t hate France! France is cool country! Ten reasons to hate France? You silly… You have to read this guide to France and you will see it is not bad country:

  11. Little Gal says:

    I think everyone has reason to hate another country. It’s funny how everyone only looks at downfalls. It seems like everyone has nothing better to do than bash countries they believe deserve the hate.
    America isn’t all that.
    France isn’t either.
    Nor is all the other countries.
    It’s time like these when I realize it’s not the country fault, just the idiots within them.
    Little Gal
    By the way, I’m Creole-American.

  12. cassandre says:

    Hi, Alpha Patriot,
    you don’t like french…but you love their restaurant.

  13. mike says:

    Dont listen to these dissenters mate. Im English and we pretty much dont like anyone. Especially the French, the way I see it, they bank rolled the English war of independence that took place in America. I’ve been to Paris too, it stinks of urine and is rammed full of Arab women beggars, the men being too busy in the coffee shops planning the next outrage no doubt. Crap place Paris and no mistake. The Vichy French says it all. They had a choice back in 1939 to either side with their Allies or side with the Nazis. I’m sure they would thumb their noses at the west again given the chance. Iraq is a good example. And the frogs (French types) of all people are not full members of NATO. Ungreatful garlic eating (small portions of course) weirdos. As a young British soldier, I could travel freely through Europe on a NATO travel order and carry arms with the right paper work. Not France though. There a passport was required and strictly no guns allowed. We call them Frogs. Not sure why, cos they are so slimy I guess. Well that and they eat frogs legs. By the way, Iraq is a mess. If you think the French were the most two faced nation in the world, then you aint met an Arab. Even the Italians get more respect than the French. As I recall, the Ities saw that they were losing and changed sides. Then blamed Musilini cos he did it all alone of course. Great! But the French, they had a massive army and Navy still out and about beyond the borders of France and virtually all of them decided to fight for the Nazis, with vigour!! Winning many battles against the allies. You gotta ask yourself why really. Thats me done. See ya! As my dad always said, never trust a Frenchman.

  14. mike says:

    Dont listen to these dissenters mate. Im English and we pretty much dont like anyone. Especially the French, the way I see it, they bank rolled the English war of independence that took place in America. I’ve been to Paris too, it stinks of urine and is rammed full of Arab women beggars, the men being too busy in the coffee shops planning the next outrage no doubt. Crap place Paris and no mistake. The Vichy French says it all. They had a choice back in 1939 to either side with their Allies or side with the Nazis. I’m sure they would thumb their noses at the west again given the chance. Iraq is a good example. And the frogs (French) of all people are not full members of NATO. As a young British soldier, I could travel freely through Europe on a NATO travel order and bear arms with the right paper work. Not France though. There a passport was required and strictly no guns allowed. We call them Frogs. Cos they are so slimy I guess. Well that and they eat frogs legs. Anyway, French??? Rubbish!

  15. Geoff says:

    Reason 10: Hating France gives you something to say.

  16. skyace says:

    Here is a question for any french person what has France every done for the world of today?
    Apart mentioning that France is working hard to promote peace and understanding between cultures, it would take a week to answer this question, but we can give an example of what France has done or does for England !!
    Just remember Hastings in 1066, when Duke Guillaume de Normandie defeated the Anglo-Saxon Kind Harold Godwinson. Subsquently, the old-French language prevailed, later mixing with the local germanic langages. That’s also the way France gave England (land of the Angles = old Germanic tribes) a good deal of royal blood and an unequivocal motto (Dieu et Mon Droit).
    Today, France is happy to host every year some millions of British tourists who enjoy its culture, nature, food, etc…

  17. tralalapuetpuet says:

    Having ennemies is a kind of hobby for some people, it’s sad but it’s a fact all over the world.
    Just try to find 10 reasons to love French people, you’re welcome in France, this would be the best way for you to see that your wrong… And then, to stop promoting hate on the web.
    But you’ll probably prefer to to spread in your primary hatred.
    In spite of you, we know that most of the
    American people are really cool and full of qualities.
    Bye from France, and sorry for my bad english 🙂

  18. Mike741 says:

    HAHAHA I’ve read every comment here and I gotta say: its made for some good laughs.
    Mainly because of all of you “peace-loving, hate-opposing” retards react against hate speech with HATE SPEECH… real productive… wow.
    I am sorry to all the of the really COOL people france has produced (WW2 french resistance, engineers, common easy going farmers, etc) but the dooshbags that open their mouths are the ones we hear, and unfortunately those are the only impressions us Americans over here will get.
    I have every right to be a patriot, my country is the biggest, richest, and most influential country today, not to mention its reached this point in less than three centuries! Half the things you say we did wrong, you guys yourselves did as well but he didn’t put on the list, so give it up.
    OH and the only reason you guys can even preach peace to begin with is because you have the USA to watch your back in case somethin goes wrong, so FUCK YOU peace is impossible while the enemy is still out there, Bush is just cutting the head off at the source instead of prolonging the inevitable like you guys!
    OH OH! and how the FUCK DARE YOU insult our soldiers? They are some of the most highly trained and bravest mother fuckers on the planet! we dont insult yours… ever, we’re above that; we HAVE the DECENCY YOU insult us for, but in actuality lack yourselves! We have a kills to death ratio of 20 to 1! in what terrible world do you call THAT a slaughter? AND you complain that we armed them, and THEN you come right back and complain about how much better armed we are? you people make me sick, but then you cheer me up because i know: no matter how many mistakes i make or unhappy i get, i will NEVER be as low as you guys!
    Thank you Alpha Patriot for this terrific list. You are a FANTASTIC debater as well. Good day everyone!

  19. skyace1 says:

    Post by “mike” on Tuesday at 2:18 PM
    Quote :
    There a passport was required and strictly no guns allowed
    As far as I know, entering the UK with no valid passport is not possible either; any sensible government would not allow a potential killer to enter its territory (just like the British authorities cleverly do…).
    Additionnally : “Arab women beggars” : no sorry, the women beggars in France are generally from eastern Europe (essentially Romania or former Yugoslavia), but ignorants merely make the difference…

  20. go obama says:

    why should we hate french people? they’re people just like us!
    they do not stink (that was a lie),they’re not arrogant (that was another lie) they do not eat frogs (a very few do)they do not hate us! then why should we hate them?
    Peace in the world and go obama.
    Love france!

  21. Chris says:

    Look at this aeligwenn listing off some reasons to hate the US eh? Everyone criticizing this well-researched article doesn’t get the fact that it’s nothing more than a satirical joke. It’s just something most Americans find funny. We truly don’t hate France. All of this article (I think) and everything I say is based on the perspective that France has proven themselves to be little more than worth a damn. They may be fine people in general, but what have they ever done? I bet everyone who disagrees with this is a far-left cooky liberal. I bet you all want to let gay people redefine marriage and take away guns from hard-working, patriotic Americans so that they’re unable to defend themselves against non-law abiding criminals that will still possess guns.
    He didn’t kill MLK in case you were wondering, it was a wack job named James Ray. We don’t hand out the death penalty for DUIs, it’s for sick, twisted people who commit sick, twisted crimes. Most of the famous serial killers have had very liberal views by the way. And do research about America before you comment on an American article: we kill poor people in Iraq to spare money. Wow. I don’t know where to start. Yeah the war is unpopular, I’m not even a fan, but I am a soldier and that’s not only offensive, it’s plain wrong. You should come to Iraq and talk to people here. They are so grateful to the American people, most are at least. And to spare money? What? The war costs us billions of dollars a month! The other things you said just aren’t even worth going after…
    Good article Patriot
    p.s. You should take away this hint at the bottom, half these darn foreigners would have to google it to even post their skewed views of the US.

  22. acbaseball says:

    And in the same time, try to don’t think about expansionism, imperialism, and wars as a the only way to do a great country. As soon as you understood that,let me know, we can debate.
    Okay, we’ll put expansionism, imperialism, and the wars we’ve bailed France out of aside of the debate about what makes a great country… Okay so what exactly does France have going for it?
    Your move. 🙂

  23. skyace1 says:

    Nov. 4, 2008 : the World loves the USA…
    Oh, by the way, this site needs a minor refresh, see up right corner…;)

  24. Pierre says:

    Needless to present myself, my name is enough.
    AlphaPatriot shame on you
    Obviously you’re a stupid guy, who just know spread your hatred and wrong informations about people and countries which you don’t know (nine hours in Paris … hum !)
    Your ten reasons just show us that you’re mad and totally stupid.
    Man stop your lies and your hatred and come back to your fields with your gun, obviously this world is too complicated for your small brain.
    For people opened-minded : French like canada, quebec, usa, all america, but not you alphapatriot and all those think like you.
    God bless usa and forgives your madness

  25. maul73 says:

    Hello, I’m french and I just fell on this chat.
    I’m stunned, really, my own cliché about american people was that they don’t have any distance or any reflexion about what medias tell them. But something we know in France, clichés aren’t real ! However, this site welcomes a lot of big racist redneck arrogant and dumb people.
    First of all, what does it mean every french people are arrogant, cowards, stinky, etc. If you really think that you can define a country like that, jump from your great canyon ! Arrogant, yes, as arrogant as you when you defend your contry. COWARDS !!!!! I think it’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen, I knew you thought that, but it’s always incredible.
    1 – 1945 – YOU weren’t there, I wasn’t there, even our parents weren’t there morons. So what ? You haven’t done anything, your grandparents did it.
    2 – I think we know our history better than you (and your school which doesn’t teach you where to put France on a map), and if our government back then surrendered, french people never did. Do you know the word “resistance” ? It’s a french word ! (and I read that we created Hitler…)
    3 – About Irak and “if you’re not with us, you’re against us”. Think a bit about it, 9/11 (certainly a scam), you declare war againt terrorism (ok so far), you can’t find some bodies under the WTC but you found Mohammed’s passeport (…) You accuse Bin Laden (in Afganistan) and then attack Iraq (??) to grab their petrol (ahhh) and never leave, and all of this in the name of freedom (!!!) and God (I imagine God sending a nighthawk in Iraq) 450 000 000 000 $. Without the agreement of the UN of course. But I’m gonna teach you something about french men and women : if our government wants to make a war far from home, just for money for the richest (because this is what we’re talking about), France will say “fuck you”, but if a country wants to attack France , we’ll be all here !
    “We can mesure a man’s intelligence by the addition of doubts he can bear” Kant
    By the way, what does France for the world ? one example : we feed you in energy, we are your generator.
    Merry Xmas

  26. skyace says:

    Chiotteuuuh, plus rien à dire après ça…
    In tartiflette we trust !

  27. maire says:

    I am living in france for the year as I’m studying French. I am an optimist and a great people person. I have been here for five months and I can safely conclude that the French are an exquisitely arrogant and unfriendly people. I am Irish, we have a pretty good historical relationship so there would’t be any bias. They immediately tend to asssume that you are English and therefore take a dislike or distrust to you. I have spent time in the States and other countries and the constrast between their friendliness and that of the French is dramatic. They also have an inate sneakiness about them that you would’nt find in other countries. Part of it could be that they all live in very miserable ugly flats so it could be environmentally influenced. At least this is true of where I am staying, Brest in the west of France.

  28. Skyace says:

    Yes, language is often THE issue…
    To avoid confusion, just one solution : defend your language, speak Gaelic !!
    Slan go foill…

  29. Muffin says:

    Errr don’t know if anyone’s already mentioned it but what about France’s part in the Rwandan genocide? The fact that they supported the Hutus.
    If that fact alone is not enough to hate them I don’t know what is.
    I think they are a great source of evil in Europe.

  30. Jon Caine says:

    Can’t we all agree to just hate each other due to skewed views of history?

  31. edem says:

    mars 2009
    It’s been 3 years now? What did all that hatred do to you or anyone?
    Bush and is administration are gone but the consequences of their decisions still hurt a lot of people. I’m glad we french did not go to Irak. But I’am very sorry for all those true american patriot, who have lost a friend or a relative in Irak. I’am sorry for all those good men and women who went in Irak believing the Bush administration and got hurt, wounded over lies and deception. They are the one who have been betrayed. They deserved better.
    And what now? Your left with the Patriot Act, Guantanamo, Waterboarding and the corruption of US officals in Irak.
    The bush administration has borrowed so much money from China, that China now is probably the strongest country in the world.Now we suffer because of the economic crisis that started in the US and has hit the wole world, destroying many lives.And you wonder why some people dislike people like you.
    France has now a president who probably agrees with you.A little resentful guy who goes around showing off wearing Ray Ban and expensives Rolex and bent over the Chineses.Do you feel like you won anything?
    Years of conflict, of pain and loses , and no good guy has won anything.

  32. Tranesblues says:

    I’d say the 10th reason to hate the French is for inspiring you to write this nonsense instead of contributing something vital to the world.

  33. skyace says:

    Here’s something « vital to the world » :
    Mme (la Comtesse) du Matosse a épousé Mr Ponsable.
    Mr et Mme Ponsable du Matosse ont une fille, comment l’appellent-ils ?
    (Thérèse Ponsable du Matosse)

  34. G de Dalmas says:

    I stumbled on this Alpha patriot by pure chance.
    What a sad side of America it shows!
    Talking about arrogance…are you “Alpha Patriots” …patriots?
    Your “ideas” (rantings) have utterly failed , the US is bankrupted and ridiculed not by supposedly anti American French ( I lived 8 yrs in Paris as an expat American and really did not meet any REAL anti-american even under Bushwack administration)
    You guys are traitors to this country, rednecks who soil the flag and surrender to the Chinese with their $ 1.5 trillion of US debt ….funny enough I do not see old Europe surrendering to them.
    Since most of you are white trash rednecks you will vanish in the dustbin of history along with the low paying manufacturing jobs you still have .
    By the way if you want to be patriots you better push for 300 nuclear power stations to be built in the old US of A so that our hard earned $ do not end up in the coffers of some arab despot…trouble is that you will have to learn French because France is 85 % nuclear and alone has the industrial know-how to pull this off.

  35. VJALLS says:

    “Every man has two countries: his own and France.”
    — Thomas Jefferson

  36. Scottish Chris says:

    I lived in the USA and love the place and the people (as a whole). Now having lived in Paris for 5 years, I can say that this blog is one of the most arrogant, outrageous, misguided blogs I have read.
    ‘Poor personal hygine, etc..’ What a load of tosh !

  37. Paul says:

    I apologize for the sins of those who do not distribute messages of hate against the french because all is written on a translator.
    I wanted to say that if françcais hates Americans (and yes we hate you) it is precisely because you criticize us, while every year millions of you coming into our country and that more people are visiting our beautiful country as the your. And do not forget that it is through us that you are independent as seen before was a colony of more vulgar UK. and stop saying that you release during WW2 while later allied ily were more french than Americans.
    Again sorry for the spelling and criticize the country where there is not that fucking men who speak without knowing

  38. Alex says:

    I was born in France, but have spent the majority of my life overseas, mostly in NZ.
    This blog is pathetic and makes me want to puke…My Greatgrandfather, was a resistent. He saved thousands of jews from going to concentration camps, he did so many things most of us these days would never have the guts to do, by openning this blog, not only are you insulting his memory and all the French people out there. But you are also insulting your fellow citizens friends and fammily by putting “words” in theyre mouths.
    You say you where in France for 9 hours? And you really think you can judge a country like that?
    I’ve never lived in France very long, and everytime I go to Paris, me and my sister complain that people stink…but then again we’re only on the subway, and always sitting next to tramps and bums… Also , I do agree that some frenchpeople can be mean and cold, but then again those people don’t represent the whole nation…
    For example I’ve met americans , lots of them, some smelled like shit, others had bad breath, some where obese, some where patriotic… But I’ve also met very funny americans, very nice ones, very good looking ones, very intelligent ones and so on…
    France has many many many great points , I love the countryside, its the most beautiful in the world ( And I’ve travelled all over the world several times) you should see ” la vallée du lot” , and “le mont saint michelle” , or corsica. You see the scenery changes every 30 minutes when your on the highway , At 9am youl be in the vinyards in the south of france, and by 3pm you’l be near dunkerk, looking at England’s coast from a cliff. But of course , you wouldn’t know that, you only spent 9 hours in Grey Paris.
    All I have to say is , you can never really judge a country or its people. Because you will never see every single part of a country , and you will never see every facet of a person…For example, I’ve found New Zealanders to be quiete cold at first, but as soon as they warm up and get to know you , they’re the greates mates youl ever find!
    As for you historical facts about France, why don’t you go check out “THE ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT” vids , theyre free on google vids…Trust me, youl see things america did that were’nt preety…Like blowing up the World trade centre towers on theyre own?
    From the International Traveller

  39. alexi says:

    haha yeah I forgot to say , once I was in the middle of Texas, like in the middle of NOWHERE , and This lady in a dinner asks me, ” you have an accent , where you from?” “and kuz I couldnt be bothered explaining that I’m not from anywhere precise I just said, I’m from “paris” , and the lady goes , ” aw really? Thats in texas right?” ” I’m like ” no not that paris, the one in France” and she’s like ” Owww reeeealllly!? WHeres France? DO they have electrecity there?!”
    haha I couldn’t stop laughing !!!!! ^^

  40. french lover says:

    fuck you asshole !

  41. TapatioMexicano says:

    I’m proudly Mexican and I was just looking for reasons why americans hate frenchs and I’m really amazed what you AlphaPatriot posted here. I have French and American friends, i’ve know about those beautiful countries beacuse of them, although i’ve had bad experiences with american people in Chicago, i was discriminated because of my nationality, this event don’t makes me hate them because most of the Americans are not like that idiots that treat me that way.
    So I was thinking… that you fucking redneck are probably one of that sons of bitch, neonazies, that thinks that people like me, like Indians, British, Russians, Iranies, Iraquies, Arabians in general, Latin americans and of course Frenchs just want to go to kill americans, you fucking schizophrenic, makes that muslims, europeans and latin americans hate americans, because there are people like you that thinks yourself god’s gift and that you can do what you want in all the world.
    It’s not personal at all for the American people that are friendly, respectful and that really makes a better world giving their knowledge and life in pro of the human being.
    Vive Le France!!!!
    Vive Le Mexique!!!
    J’aime Le France!!!!
    A huevo cabrones!!!!!!

  42. John says:

    My what an interesting internet discussion I’ve managed to stumble into. I am American (Proudly I’ll add), first to both sides of this argument if the words you’re posting has a red line under it, you’ve misspelled it, please consult with a dictionary (http://www.Dictionary.com) is wonderful for it. While from my personal knowledge backed by a college education, most of the facts presented here are more or less true maybe skewed a bit for perspective and I’m not going to argue that. For those of you on both side who do not know, the French are in Afghanistan with the us. (You have lovely mess halls by the way, though I’d recommend American’s avoiding them often, we’re a little more prone to Gout due to our normal diet, no offense to our French friends here). Now that I’ve hopefully established over the internet to people I’ll never meet, I have a few things I would like to say to a few of you.
    Daniel Royer, first off, please please PLEASE take the longest walk your body can handle, off the shortest pier you can find. Preferably into any water that can, and will cause hypothermia. The rest of us will give you a heartfelt thanks!
    Generally speaking, on racism, American’s are racist either in the open or behind closed doors, it’s true! Guess what, French, British, Germans, Russians, Chinese, Japanese… You get where I’m going with this right? ALL racist too, it’s true, you don’t have to admit it, but while you’re reading this you’ve most likely already thought of some race or religion you hate, welcome to the human race!
    Maul73, (Sorry I’m a sarcastic human being and I can’t resist at least one joke!) “France will say “fuck you”, but if a country wants to attack France , we’ll be all here !”. I know you’ll all be there, right behind the US Army! (Again, sorry, just couldn’t get that joke out of my mind! No hatred intended!)

  43. E. Giles says:

    Well, that was enlighting. You´ll make Schopenhauer proud. Now I know why the U.S. people (not the Americans)are despised worldwide.

  44. romain says:

    I did not bother reading more than ten lines. You’re a joke. You argue that France did support the American Revolution out of self interest (wake up, this is life), and then state the Marshall plan was a sort of “generous present”. Try to gain experience before writing, please.

  45. Tobi says:

    Face it, the Americans are just as arrogant as the French. A debate between an American and a French about who sucks more would last forever.
    A wise men once said
    “just shut up and lets all get drunk”!

  46. Hector Kaizer says:

    Another Reason to hate the French…they sold the Iranians missiles…and let’s not forget the whole indignant attitude they had after the British and us went and kicked some Nazi ass to save them. If Russia tried to take over Europe, I would hope that all Europeans were safe…except the French. I hope Putin grinds Paris into dust.

  47. StormLover3 says:

    Believe it or not, I stumbled on this page after Googling “What are the pros and cons of living in France as opposed to the United States?” I also asked the same question for living in England, but that’s not the issue at hand.
    I was born and raised in the U.S., which makes me American I guess, though The Family Tree speaks otherwise! Russian, Polish, German, and Irish! I’m a great person I think, just don’t get me mad. If you’ve ever seen those neuclear test sites, yea, that’s not a bomb, that’s me! Seriously though, I have had the pleasure of living in Europe for a year, specifically Germany, which by the way is absolutely gorgeous! And NEVER once was the name Adolph Hitler ever mentioned? Hmm, go figure. Cleanest country I’ve ever seen, I can say that. People actually sweep their sidewalks and streets every evening. And you’ll never see a broken down car on the side of any road in Germany, that’s a one way ticket to jail. Just food for thought my friends.
    I’m a woman, so I’m sure as any man goes, you probably won’t care what I have to say, but here it goes anyway.
    Every country has made their share of mistakes when it comes to wars, and most have walked away a little wiser than they were before, but sadly notwithstanding the massive loss of life. Without mistakes, we would not learn. How else do you learn that the oven is hot? You touched it, it hurt, and you never made that mistake again! I know what you’re thinking, and I guarantee your parents told you “no”, and you didn’t listen!
    But today, things are different and “status quo” is NOT good enough anymore! Why is it we can’t clean up our own backyards, before we go traipsing through somebody else’s, i.e. France? And regarding “The Statue of Liberty”, all I can say is “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”, and “It’s not the gift that counts, it’s the thought behind it”. End of story.
    And as for us Americans, well, here’s a cute story about the lack of integrity in an American Family. Wow, all I can say is that I would never in my right mind, do or say things like this to anyone, let alone say it to my 93 yr. old great-aunt, who’s like a mother to me and like a grandmother to my children, and who I own a house with and take care of full-time! Brilliant huh! Now she’s at the nursing home for intense physical therapy, and hopefully she’ll be home soon, but in the meantime my so-called family is there Christmas Day, and it’s her 93rd birthday too. And they’re making jokes about me having to eat at Mc Donald’s for dinner on Christmas Day, because I have the worst cold/flu I’ve ever had in ten years! I couldn’t breath or stand, let alone cook! Seriously people, McDonald’s is closed on Christmas Day!! These people didn’t even offer me left-overs!! My aunt and I have learned, you catch more flies with honey, than vinegar! So, we play stupid, and then tell each other everything! How else do you find out what your family says behind your back? Well,screw them!! My Denny’s omlet was delicious! LOL
    Sorry, it’s because of things like this that I find I have developed a love/hate relationship with America right now, so many broken promises, so many fake people; great frickin’ tornadoes and storms though! (That alone makes it really hard to leave). And I am inspired by those who actually help others, and really try to make a difference not just here, but in other countries as well. But, as the saying goes, “We’re goin’ up shit’s creek without a paddle”! Hence the reason I was looking into moving. Maybe if more people actually got in the boat and helped paddle, I wouldn’t have to look elsewhere.
    Now, I have a friend in France, and a friend in England, and they are fantastic people, and none of our talks have ever been about what happened to whom and when and why. It’s hard as hell living in this day and age, and we may bitch, but it certainly isn’t about wars which have nothing to do with this generation whatsoever!
    This is why in school they call it History….BECAUSE IT IS!!!!!
    It’s going to be 2010 for God’s sake! Build a bridge and get over it! I have a 19 yr. old, a 17 yr. old, and a 13 yr. old, they can make the “Battle at Bunker Hill” look like a nice stroll through the park! And if you throw in my 44 yr. old boyfriend and the 3 cats……well, now we’re talkin’ The Apocalypse! I get really tired having to walk-in and play the role of Jesus Christ and The Second Coming! (LOL, no offense Lord, I know you understand what I’m saying, and I know you’re laughing too!) This is what mothers do, we’re natural peacekeepers. I don’t hit, because, well, I was an ADHD kid, in the late 60’s, my parents were clueless! Spanking and hitting a kid accomplishes one thing only….it teaches them how to beat up on other kids! Not Cool!
    All I want is a nice cottage in quaint little village somewhere. Must have clean air, low noise, lots of green rolling hills, a couple of pubs to walk to and hang out with some friends, and zero stress!!! I don’t think that’s to much to ask for. France, England, the moon, I don’t care, anywhere there is a slower paced life, that’s where I wanna be! Because what’s happening here in the USA is for the birds right now! And Alpha Patriot can’t deny that this nation is over worked, over stressed, AND under paid because of it. How can anyone justify, raising the prices of gas so high, you have to choose between driving to work and eating! (Now of course, it’s reversed, do you want to eat, or drive?) And not to change the subject, but France has an excellent Health Care System! In 2000 France placed #1 for lowest rate of avoidable deaths, the US came in 19th, or last place for highest rate of avoidable deaths. Meaning, their doctor’s didn’t give you some pills, and say “see ya in 6 months”, no, they actually monitored your health care, and paid for follow-ups…I like that concept.
    Point is, we all have our weaknesses and we all have our strenghts. Wouldn’t it be better for our countries to test each others political strenghts, even hypothetically, to see if they work? What, like trying could make it any worse?!?
    I will leave you with this, my father always told me, “Opinions are like assholes….everybody has one”! And this one is mine. Peace and Happiness in the New Year!

  48. loosers says:

    1st of all, we frenchs helped you win the united states, if it wasnt for us, there would be NO UNITED STATES, we made the turing point for you americans in the revolutionary war against britain. so dont start hating on us.

  49. I love my Frenchie! says:

    I can’t believe you stooped so low as to insinuate French are not clean. That just undermines the credibility of your entire premise. Have you ever heard of Chanel, Guicci, Armani, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gautier, etc.? All owned by French, and the biggest luxury perfume manufacturers on the planet. Maybe you’re bitter because you weren’t attractive or sweet-smelling enough yourself to hook up with a French girl. My husband is French, and he is amazing. I mustn’t be alone, as I belong to a group of 2000+ Americans living in Paris (not counting those in the US or the rest of France) with French partners, many of us have children who are bi-cultural with both nationalities raised with both traditions.
    Furthermore, France is the number one tourist destination for Americans outside of North America, and the number one foreign exchange destination for US university programs. Clearly, many Americans don’t agree with your racist view.
    No country is perfect, not even our own, no matter how much I love it. Poking fun and joking about stereotypes can make for a good stand-up comedy routine, but hate speech is crossing the line. Being patriotic doesn’t have to mean hating everyone else. There’s a difference between pride and arrogance, the latter which you accuse the French of, and yet so hypocritically indulge in yourself. Anyways, like Americans, French do have many things to be proud of too! (Try the food!!!)
    Next time you come to France, get in touch with the American residents overseas, we’ll show you the time of your life. I invite the opportunity to prove you wrong seeing as at the moment you don’t speak French, know any French, and have never spent real time here so you don’t know what you’re talking about.
    J’espere que les francais qui lisent cet article ne pensent pas que tous les americains sont si betes! Il y a parmi les americains beaucoup de personnes francophiles, c’est bien le premier destination touristique des americains hors l’amerique du nord, et le premier destination d’exchange a l’etranger des universites americaines.