Tell AmEx to Help Treat Our Troops

American Express is donating $5 million to a new charity to be chosen by card members. Among the projects being considered (and actually receiving votes) are restoring the bee population, saving Lake Winnipesaukee (that’s in New Hampshire) and posting women artist’s work online.

The only effort that is related to the military is something called Treating our Troops, a project that would establish a nationwide system of rehabilitative specialists to bridge the gap in care for troops returning from Iraq. Says the creator:

This project is not meant to take the place of care given at a VA facility or other military hospital. What I hope to do with this project is treat injured soldiers who have been discharged from an inpatient military hospital, and can sometimes wait up to a year to be seen at their local VA. I feel that if these soldiers can receive therapy within a week or two of being discharged from an inpatient facility, they would be more likely to not only maintain the gains they made in the inpatient hospital but be able to improve upon them. Unfortunately, a lot of these soldiers are discharged from the hospital without a clear plan of care and then lose a lot of the skills and functional ability they gained while in inpatient care. Due to this loss of function, by the time they get to the VA it is almost like starting over again. Hopefully, this project will work in conjunction with the VA system to give a full continuum of care to our injured troops.

This nascent charity has survived previous rounds and made the top 25. It needs about 2,000 votes on Sunday to make it into the top five and thus make it into the final round. If you have an American Express card, go vote now!

Posted July 22nd, 2007 Filed in Military Stuff