Stimulus FAIL

Solar-cell maker Solyndra received over half a billion dollars in federally guaranteed loans in 2009 as part of Obama’s "stimulus" program. When they opened their second plant (which they could afford to do, having received this taxpayer funded windfall), Obama and Gov. Arnold visited the plant and made lots of flowery, very pretty speeches. Liberals swooned in ecstasy.

Today, 1,100 workers are being laid off and Solyndra is filing for Chapter 11. Which proves, yet again, that Big Government cannot create lasting, viable jobs in the free market, no matter how much money it prints.

Meanwhile, Obama is planning his big "jobs speech" to Congress next week. Which, according to this well-researched and often sadly funny article from WSJ, will be an almost exact duplicate of last year’s jobs speech.

So really, the biggest news about this year’s speech is Obama challenging, and then kowtowing to Republican leadership as to the date of the speech, as evidenced by this post from the left-wing Washington Post (emphasis in original):

By trying to big-foot the Republicans and then retreating, the president put an exclamation point on the complaints of his base. Weak. Incompetent. Unorganized. And those descriptors are from liberals. As for conservatives, they can hardly believe their good fortune. Obama has, more effectively than they could have hoped, demonstrated that the speech is largely a political stunt designed to put Republicans on the defensive rather than address our economic meltdown and fiscal woes.

Yeah, the WaPo actually wrote that.

The unfortunate thing is that the prez will no doubt be able to pull together a coalition of liberals, moderates, and turncoats that will once again spend massive amounts of money during the final campaign year that will do nothing except further bankrupt America.