Sprint Cancels Returning Soldiers’ Service

Soldiers come back from Iraq, get assigned to West Point for a summer assignment to train cadets, and Sprint cancels their service because it doesn’t have a tower close to this major center of military activity — in spite of the fact that the soldiers did everything possible to ensure that their situation was understood and were told by “customer service” that everything would be fine. Read the entire story authored by one of the returning officers, but this is my favorite part:

Why on earth I cant get coverage at the United States Military Academy, 40 minutes away from New York City is a mystery to me. I had a cell phone the entire time I was in Iraq with a middle eastern company. I payed LESS to call home and keep in touch from the otherside of the world than I do now with Sprint to call within the country. It also did not matter if I was in a major city or out in the middle of nowhere in the desert, I ALWAYS had full coverage. Never had a dropped call, and the customer reps of that company spoke better English than those with Sprint do.

While it is true that Sprint is acting according to the letter of the contract, the customer service is frustratingly poor (i.e., lying to customers who happen to be soldiers).

The author promises to contact news agencies and senators, so we may be hearing more about this.

HT to The Consumerist.

Posted July 10th, 2007 Filed in Military Stuff