Skeptics of a Feather

Fred Thompson took time out from his campaigning to say that he is skeptical of the recent US intelligence report that says that Iran stopped its nuclear weaponization program way back in 2003. As I can remember the myriad of conflicting reports in the months leading up to the liberation of Iraq, I am skeptical as well.

Amir Oren, writing for Haaretz, sums it up when he writes:

The document’s eight pages, which include embarrassing instructions on how to differentiate between different yet related terms ("it is possible," "it may be so," "one must not remove from the equation," and "it’s reasonable to assume"), enable the Ayatollas’ nuclear and operations officials and the heads of the Revolutionary Guards to reach this soothing conclusion – from their point of view: The Americans have no understanding of what is really happening in Iran’s nuclear program. They have no solid information, they have no high-level agents and they have nothing more than a mix of guesswork and chatter. The dissemblance and concealment have succeeded, and the real dispute is not between Washington and Tehran, but within the U.S. administration itself.

The CIA was once one of the top three spy agencies in the world (Russia’s KGB and GRU being the other two), but democrats mounted a five-year campaign against our intelligence capabilities and effectively destroyed it in 1978. It was a blow from which it has never recovered.

So color me skeptical. In 2005, the CIA was certain that there was a nuclear program in Iran. In 2007, the CIA thinks there isn’t. In spite of the fact that Iranian terrorist President Ahmadinejad takes every opportunity to tell us that Iran wants one and deserves one.

Bottom line is that we don’t know what the hell is going on in the Middle East any country. The CIA is politicized and handcuffed by regulations and congressional oversight.

So I have no choice but to believe Ahmadinejad. Here’s hoping our next president will too.

Posted December 4th, 2007 Filed in Intelligence, Thompson, Fred, War on Islamofascism