Real Cost of a Higher Minimum Wage

Quora is a site where anyone can ask any question and anyone else can answer. Those providing answers include such luminaries as Steve Case (dot com billionaire), Ashton Kutcher (remarkably intelligent, contrary to his TV personas), Larry Summers (political economist), Sid Espinosa (Palo Alto mayor), Tiki Barber (former NY Giants running back) and many more.

Many of the questions are posed in a biased manner, such as the one below. I love it when someone with real life experience blows a hole in the bias to expose truth, especially when it demolishes a liberal line of group-think. Click through to read a Dane’s response to the question:

2014 Minimum Wage Debate: Do Republicans ignore the economic stimulative effect of raising the minimum wage?

Posted February 26th, 2014 Filed in Economics and the Economy