Outrage: Tax Dollars for Political Partying

 Congress has set aside $136.5 million to pay for such items as booze, balloons and security at the Dem and GOP conventions this year. This comes from the same congress that was outraged over $823,000 being spent on a 2010 conference at a Las Vegas-area resort that a GSA admin was pushed to resign.

The BGOV Barometer shows the events where President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney will formally receive their parties’ nominations will cost taxpayers $136.5 million, up about $3 million from 2008.

The figure includes $100 million Congress provided to pay for security at the conventions, plus $18 million for each party to pay for balloons, signs, alcohol, flags, lanyards and other expenses through a program designed to reduce the influence of campaign contributions. Senator Tom Coburn, pointing to lawmakers’ promises to cut the $1.2 trillion budget deficit, said the parties should forgo the taxpayer funds.

“If the parties want to have a convention, let them have a convention, but they ought to be paying for it,” said Coburn, an Oklahoma Republican. “We can have just as good a party” without tax dollars.

I always liked Coburn. Too bad there aren’t more like him, because both parties are going ahead with the plans.

Posted June 9th, 2012 Filed in Government, Politics