Organizing vs. Surging

Community Organizer B. Hussein Obama’s hometown of Chicago has had a deadly death toll this summer: 125 shot and killed, which is almost double the number of US soldiers killed in Iraq over the same time period. Another 247 people were shot and wounded within the city limits (map here).

"Gang and gun violence continue to be the dominating threat on our streets," Bond said in an e-mail. "Up to 60 percent of the shootings are gang related. More than 90 percent of the offenders have criminal histories and up to 80 percent of the victims have criminal histories."

Personally, I reject all calls to pull out of the Chicago quagmire and abandon the citizenry. It is time to beef up the troops and start treating gang members like terrorists. Guantanamo has plenty of room.

Not to mention maybe giving the law abiding citizens that are held hostage in their homes the right to carry arms. Oh wait, that right is granted by God and enshrined in the constitution.

Obama and his cohorts just "organized" the citizens out of thinking that they still have that right.

HT to non-blogging Patriot Pat.

Posted September 10th, 2008 Filed in Legal System, Obama, Barack Hussein, Second Amendment