Of 3rd Parties Runs and Acting Presidential

After the Nevada Democrat convention went full-out cra-cra, the talking heads are having a field day. Fiscal Times says to get ready for a third party run from Bernie Sanders. MarketWatch lectures Bernie that he has to decide if he’s a Democrat or a revolutionary. But I think that Professor Larry Sabato has it right: imagine the things Sanders will be able to demand when he goes to the DNC convention with 40% of the delegates in his pocket.

…think about what you can do with a raucous group of 40% of the delegates. He’ll want all sorts of platform planks, he’ll want influence on VP pick, he may want to control some of the scheudle [sic]. This is going to get really stick and messy…

I may watch the DNC convention for the first time in my life; it promises to be just as entertaining as the Trump show in Cleveland.

At least Romney has thrown in the towel on the #NeverTrump movement and finally abandoned the idea of recruiting a candidate for a third-party run.

I fully expect Trump to start pulling away from Hillary in the polls as he starts focusing his rhetoric in her and Bill’s direction. I missed the interview with Hannity wherein he described Bill’s assault as rape but that’s just the beginning for Bill (we’ve already seen the “crooked Hillary” label stick … I wonder if he’ll start saying “rapey Bill“).

In other news, the video Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight has over 7 million views on YouTube. It will be interesting to see how damaging a similar video for Trump will be once that is published (the authors said he would be next) but I doubt that it will have the same impact. Everyone knows that the Don’s positions have changed and solidified with his entry into politics and he doesn’t have the same disappointing history of expected truth-telling as Hillary.

Meanwhile, Trump is starting to show his “presidential” persona to the voters. Scott Adams has a great analysis of Trump’s interview with Megyn Kelly. In addition to his positioning to win over women (really, read the “excuse me” section of the analysis … hilarious), Adams notes the change in behavior now that Trump isn’t trying to take out 16 simultaneous threats:

Voters worry that the dangerous-sounding guy Trump plays on television is real. So Trump successfully showed his sane side in the interview. Everything he said sounded reasonable enough, especially the part where he said he wouldn’t have gotten so far in the campaign without getting ugly. You know that’s true.

Then Trump proved he can modulate his behavior on demand by…modulating his behavior on command. Trump was personable and even a bit humble with Kelly. He turned a professional enemy into what looks like a friend, and he did it right in front of our eyes. Kelly even mentioned that she gave Trump her cellphone number. The two of them got along great, and we got to watch. It all looked genuine to me. No sign of any insanity.

One other thing that you probably didn’t see mentioned in the mainstream press (Drudge featured it for a bit): Chelsea’s husband shut down his pro-Greek hedge fund after losing 90% of investors’ money:

The kid was betting on a bankrupt welfare state’s ability to right its course, Hahahaha! He should blame his parents, both former Democrat members of Congress (and one – the father – an ex-con imprisoned for fraud). Nobody but a clueless liberal would bet serious money on a welfare state reforming itself. Yet somehow young Mezvinsky, was able to raise $25 mill.

Another nut that didn’t fall far from the tree. I wouldn’t trust him to hold my dog’s leash, much less with anything of real value. Which pretty much goes for everyone in that crowd. Who are you going to trust with your tax dollars, your 401K investments, your children’s futures … politician Hillary or businessman Don?

Disclaimer: I fully expect to be disappointed in a Trump presidency, particularly in domestic and economic policies. OTOH, I expect another Clinton presidency to be an unmitigated disaster from which the country will never recover.

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