Obama’s Feckless Nuclear Posture

Obama has finally released the details of his new nuclear weapons policy. In short:

  • No further development of any new nuclear weapons — even while tyrants and terrorist organizations around the world aggressively pursue nuclear options. (Note: the average age of America’s existing warheads is 26 years. It does not take long to fall behind in modern times.)
  • No nuclear retaliation against non-nuclear nations, even if we have been viciously attacked through biological or chemical means. (Note: exceptions are made for N. Korea and Iran.)

Meanwhile, Russia announces that it has the option of backing out of the recent nuclear disarmament agreement with the U.S. any time it “feels threatened” by US missile defence plans. For instance, deploying new missile interceptors in Europe.

China continues to upgrade its growing nuclear arsenal in a veil of secrecy. Iran continues to develop nuclear capabilities in the face of a feckless Obama and an ineffectual U.N. North Korea will continue to ignore everyone in its quest to develop nuclear weapons.

In the end, nothing has changed except that America will not be developing bunker busting tactical nukes or even modernizing the capabilities of our existing aged nuclear arsenal. And that we promise to play nice if attacked.

Change, yes. Hope, no.

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