NFL Truth Bomb

John P. Warren at Townhall tells us The Biggest Lie of All

In Sunday’s NFL games, 200 players took a knee or failed to appear on the field (Steelers, Titans, and the Seahawks) during the national anthem. My beloved Steelers stuck their own low note: Not only did team members stay in the locker room—all out of respect for knee-benders?—but Coach Mike Tomlin thought it appropriate to chastise Alejandro Villanueva—a West Point graduate and US Army veteran—for “disrespecting the team” by standing—alone—on the field in respect for the flag. Mr. Villanueva’s right of expression is, apparently, not so free. What bitter irony!

This simple fan’s opinion is this: when a player puts on a Steeler uniform (and is paid huge sums to do so), he represents his team, his city, his fans, the NFL, and what is noble about sports. So he doesn’t get to do whatever he wants in the stadium. When the national anthem is played, it is never about a cause or the unsavory words of one man. It’s much greater than that. They stand, Mr. Tomlin, for the team of Americans everywhere who have worked and died for the players—and all of us—to live our dreams. Protest we may, of course, but on our own time and our own dime.

Amen! Read it all.

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