In France, "Calm" has New Meaning

The MSM is reporting that France is “mostly calm” except for “minor skirmishes” on the anniversary of the riots that spread across the country one year ago.

Tell that to the woman who is lying in the hospital with burns over nearly 60 percent of her body. She was a passenger on a bus that a gang of Muslim youths torched last night.

In all, last night:

  • 3 buses were burned
  • 277 vehicles were set alight
  • 47 people were arrested
  • 6 policemen were injured

Here’s an example of the some of the charming behavior shown in one “minor skirmish”:

‘‘Four guys attacked Bus 346,’’ said witness Thierry Ange, 19. ‘‘They made everyone get off, then they hit a woman and dragged out the bus driver by his tie,’’ then torched the bus with a gasoline bomb in a bottle, he said.

Make no mistake: just because the MSM considers the burning of a few hundred cars and attacks on policemen as trivial news items, this is serious business. Imagine being in your home with bands of masked and armed youths roaming the streets.

Also imagine if it happened here. The MSM would be crucifying us.

Posted October 29th, 2006 Filed in France