Driving the Agenda Home

When Bannon and Gorka left the White House, I said it was part of a larger strategy to set up an outside office and drive the MAGA agenda. I am even more convinced of that now.

The best news I’ve heard is “GOP strategists are reportedly not worried about 2018 primary threats led by Steve Bannon.”

Good. Continue to underestimate the Trump/Bannon dynamic duo just like everyone did every single day since The Donald descended on the escalator. See how that works out for you.

The Tea Party was a declaration that fizzled because it was a movement without a leader but the dissatisfaction with the Uniparty was real. Trump and Bannon saw this as a strategic opportunity and seized this moment in history to change the course of the world. The people see this, believe it, and will continue to support him. The victory of Roy Moore was the shot heard ’round the world.

As Bannon expands his list of potential RINO targets, everyone in Congress should take notice and get on board with the president’s agenda. Should. But not everyone does.

Known RINO, Congressman Ryan Costello (R- PA), says he’s “not afraid of Steve Bannon.” Instead of sponsoring more gun control in response to the Las Vegas shooting, he’d better jump on the Trump Train quick. Crooked Hillary won his district by just six tenths of a percent (47.6% to 47.0%). Pennsylvania as a whole flipped red to help put Trump in the White House, in spite of voter fraud. See the trend. Recognize.

Better yet, continue to underestimate and stay a RINO. We don’t need you and after the mid-terms we won’t be saddled with you any more.

Trump’s strategy is continuing to put the spotlight on those who are vulnerable … in both parties. Now he’s tying border security to DACA in a strategic move:

President Trump has put many of the Democrats in these red states in a tough situation.  They will have to support border security if they want DACA.

This is a brilliant move by President Trump, and it should pay off with a final product that accomplishes his immigration objectives.

Image, the Uniparty and media elites still think Trump doesn’t understand politics.

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