Computing at Ludicrous Speed

Oh those clever Israeli’s:

An Israeli start-up has developed a processor that uses optics instead of silicon, enabling it to compute at the speed of light, the company said.

The unit’s a bit bulky at the moment, but should be down to the size of a Palm Pilot in a few months, and hopefully to a single chip in five years.

It’s conceivable this technology could become mainstream inside chips in 10 years time.

If this pans out it would have quite an impact. Such a computer would be capable of 8 trillion operations per second (or 8 teraflops) which is about a thousand times faster than standard processors – essentially a super-computer on a single chip.

On the other hand, the CIA is rumored to have a working quantum computer which works at an estimated 10 teraflops.

One can only ask how long it is before light speed is too slow . . .

Posted October 29th, 2003 Filed in Geek Stuff

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