Choosing Your Boycotts

TCS tells us why the European economy is much more important to the United States than that of China:

The economy of the single-currency eurozone is five times larger than China’s and per capita income is more than 20 times higher. U.S. exports to the larger European Union (EU) region, at $193 billion in 2004, were more than five times greater than to China but have grown a measly 3 percent since 2000. Imports from the European Union last year, $321 billion, were more than 60 percent higher than from China. U.S. foreign direct investment into Europe last year was $97 billion compared to just $4.2 billion into China. By virtually any measure, Western Europe is the most important trading partner, investment partner and strategic partner in the world for the United States. And the European economy is floundering.

I boycott China to the greatest extent possible because of human rights violations and their military threat. And I will continue to boycott France and Germany because of their leader’s and media anti-American rhetoric. However, I will continue to buy U.K., Italian, Polish and “new Europe” goods whenever possible — they are good allies.

BTW, Donald Rumsfeld has boycotted China for the last four years as well.

Update: American Thinker outlines Bill Clinton’s abetting of the Chinese military program:

China is fighting a new Cold War, borne up by trade surplus dollars, which it fully intends to win. This time however, the administration of President Bill Clinton played the same role as did the Rosenbergs in the last one. Just as the infamous couple delivered critical nuclear technology to the Soviets in the late 1940’s, the Clintons allowed the sale of critical missile technology to the Communist Chinese in return for campaign contributions, the dubious nature of which vastly eclipses any accusation against Delay from even his most wild-eyed critics.

Counting on the technical ignorance of the X-Box generation, Clinton dismissed the strategic technology transfers as merely benefiting “commercial satellite technology.” But as any marginally savvy space enthusiast knows, the technology required to orbit a satellite is identical to that necessary to hurl a Chinese nuclear warhead into the American heartland.

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