Poll: TN Going to Romney, Moonbats Despair

Left-wing-bordering-on-full-blown-moonbat Nashville Scene has a rather thorough analysis of just how unrealistic it is to have a even a glimmering of hope that Tennessee’s eleven electoral college votes will go for Obama. This is due to the latest YouGov poll of likely Tennessee voters that places Romney with a 9-point lead over Obama, 52-43%.

The poll is a two-wave survey, that is, the same likely voters were polled a month earlier so changes in voter sentiment are tracked. The trends are all one-sided, causing Nashville Scene to lament, “He’s winning Tennessee. Big shocker.”

No, everyone expects Tennessee to go to Romney — this is no big surprise. The “shocker” comes when breaking down the numbers to reveal:

– A 3-point Obama lead among women in September has become a 6-point Romney lead in October.

– Among Hispanics, a 46-21 Obama lead in September (with 34% undecided) has given way in October to a 52-48 Romney lead. For that breakdown and the gender one above, the September numbers are registered voters rather than likely voters, but even so the possibility that previously undecided Hispanic voters in Tennessee have broken big-time for Romney is interesting, given how utterly dominant Obama’s numbers are with Hispanic voters nationally. …

– 86% of likely voters say their mind is made up, which is up from 80% a month earlier.

So more voters are firming up their minds and few are turning to Obama. But who would have thought that women and Hispanics would be leading the charge?

Yet the most remarkable finding has to be this:

An interesting tidbit is found in age breakouts, showing that Obama leads Romney 55-38 among likely voters aged 30-44. So there’s hope for the future? If so it will only be temporary: Romney leads Obama 58-37 among voters aged 18-29. So much for the future.

Indeed, after years of despair I finally have hope for the future.

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Best Election Ad This Cycle

From Don’t Be a Donkey dot com:

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Lessor of Evils

The Rally for Common Sense was held in Missouri on May 19th. Reboot Congress posted videos of a series of dynamic speakers, including Herman Cain and Alan Keyes. I’ve experienced the power of a Keyes oration before and, had I been in the neighborhood, would have been there to hear him again.

One of the topics on which Keyes spoke was voting for the “lessor of two evils,” a subject on which I have often dwelled as of late. In his speech, Keyes eloquently summed up my feelings: 

The problem with voting for the lessor evil is that when the smoke clears, you’re still being being ruled by evil. You do understand that, right? The lessor of evils is evil still.

The other problem with it is worse than that. The problem with voting for the lessor evils is that you then hand the standard for your vote to the evil side. And if they want you to get really evil, they will simply find and put up the most obvious and apparent and deep-dyed wickedness they can contrive, and when you vote for the lessor of evil you’ll be voting for just about the most deep-dyed wickedness you can find, but it’ll be the lessor evil. …

The one thing you can be certain of if you have no choice but evil is that you have left the Kingdom of God. You are not in Kansas anymore. When your only choice  for rulership is Satan and Beelzebub you’d better wake up and smell the sulfur, ’cause you know where you are.

I did not vote for old man McCain last election because he wasn’t “lessor” enough for me. I voted as I did because, as Ann Coulter put it“Sarah Palin is only a heartbeat away!”

I do not think that I will be casting my vote for the much younger Romney, no matter who he chooses for a running mate. In my eyes Romney is little more than Obama-lite, and I will not support a party that has failed me as severely as has the GOP.

Keyes also addresses my views on the importance of electing the correct person to represent me at the electoral college. I strongly encourage every freedom loving American to watch Keyes’ address in full:

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Newt on the 9th Circuit

Yes, this was last year but it is talk like this that will win Newt the votes of true conservatives. It also makes liberals wet their panties:

Of course, the MSM will mount a full-scale attack if he gets the GOP nomination because of talk like this.

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Newt Bitchslaps Pelley

Debate moderator Scott Pelley (from liberal MSM — CBS Evening News to be exact) smuggly tried to instruct Newt Gingrich on the rule of law. Newt makes Pelley look foolish:

HT to Shannen Coffin writing on The Corner, who observes:

There are very few moments in presidential debates that make a confirmed political cynic like me want to get off the couch and cheer like a hockey fan at the sight of blood.


Peter Wehner writing for Commentary critiques Pelley’s performance:

Unlike his able and informed co-moderator, National Journal’s Major Garrett, Pelley came across as schoolmarmish, smug, arrogant, unlikeable, clumsy (he tried to cut off Mitt Romney when Romney still had plenty of time left to answer his question) and at times ignorant. His worst moment was when he made the mistake of trying to correct Newt Gingrich on the “rules of law” as they apply to killing terrorists, the result being Pelley was smacked down and taken to the woodshed by Gingrich. (See Ed Morrissey’s take on this exchange, complete with a video clip, here:). This moment was a signal to us that Pelley doesn’t understand — as, say, Jim Lehrer does — the role of the moderator is to take a back seat in debates, to move the discussion along as seamlessly as possible, to illuminate rather than hector, and not to become a focal point or advocate for a particular point of view.

On the other hand, Newt’s handling of the situation was spot on: informed, decisive, and — dare I say it? — presidential.

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Poor Choice of Words

The NRO notes that Nevada’s State Treasurer and Democrat candidate for Congress, Kate Marshall, makes an incredibly foot-in-mouth moment that provides the National Republican Congressional Committee “with fish, a barrel, and a shotgun.”


Such are the statements that ruin a political career. Just ask Clayton Williams.

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Interview with Wayne Allyn Root

Root is the current front runner to be the Libertarian’s candidate in 2012. I have heard him speak and fully support him and the vast majority of his policies. An interview with Root reveals just how Libertarian he is:

Over the years, Root has built up a rather diverse resume as an author, TV personality and producer. In fact, he’s one of the producers of the popular Travel Channel series "Ghost Adventures," and also produced and hosted King of Vegas for Spike TV. He is also the author of 7 books- including his latest, "The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts." …

Root believes that the key to getting the economy back on track is lower taxes on income and capital gains. In fact, he would go one step further.

"I think we could have stimulated the economy without government getting involved at all," he said. "We should have just suspended the income tax for a year. That would have saved taxpayers $1 trillion, the cost of the stimulus. Then I’d phase in a flat tax."

Root also believes that cutting down on spending — including defense — would be a must in his administration.

"Wars bankrupt this country," he said. "Afghanistan could not have been avoided, but Iraq could have been avoided. On top of that, we need to cut down on foreign aid. Rather than the government sending money to Haiti, we should ask our citizens to donate privately.

"Also, the money we sent in foreign aid to Japan, South Korea and Germany allowed them to prop up their economy while we paid to defend them."

Click through for more, including a video of Root on Fox Business calling for the abolition of the Federal Reserve.

Right on!

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’04 Dems: Obama Worst Pres Ever

If you measure Obama according to the hyperbole spun by 2004 Democrat candidates, he would take Dubya’s place as the “worst president in history.”

During the 2004 election, Democrats constantly reminded voters that George W. Bush was the first president in decades to oversee a net loss of jobs. …

Whether the measurement is job creation, unemployment or growth of gross domestic product, the economy has been worse under Obama than it was under Bush.

First, job creation. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. shed 2.3 million jobs since February 2009, Obama’s first full month in office. Going back to World War II, that is by far the worst record for any president in his first 17 months, outpacing the job destruction experienced in the early Bush years by more than 800,000 jobs.

November 2008, the month he was elected, until now, the economy has shed an astonishing 4.4 million jobs. That’s worse than Hoover.

The two-percentage-point increase in unemployment rate during his presidency, to 9.7 percent from 7.7 percent, is the third-worst since World War II. Dwight Eisenhower and Gerald Ford saw bigger increases.

GDP growth under Obama, an abysmal 3 percentage points so far, is the fourth-worst in the postwar period. Eisenhower, Ford and Ronald Reagan all began their terms with worse GDP growth.

But hey, it was Kerry and the Democrats who made job creation the be-all and end-all measurement of a presidency, and by that standard, Obama is dredging a new low. It’s probably a good bet that Democrats who became so enamored of Hoover’s name in 2004 won’t be mentioning it much this year.

It’s amazing how often hyperbole can be thrown back in the face of politicians. If only they would get things right, we wouldn’t have to.

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Viral Video: Remember November

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Condi Endorses Fiorina against Babs Boxer

 Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Tuesday endorsed former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate.

The announcement follows closely on the heels of former Rep. Tom Campbell snagging a key endorsement — that of businessman Bill Simon, the 2002 Republican nominee for governor.

The Rice endorsement reinforces Fiorina’s status as the candidate of the Republican establishment to take on three-term Democrat Barbara Boxer while Simon’s backing of Campbell — the most moderate candidate in the Republican field — could send an important message to conservatives.

Read it all.

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