Shunning Kerry

Scott Hennen was sent this photo of Kerry in Iraq shortly before Christmas (go to link for full sized pic and entire story).

Kerry Shunned in Iraq

The photo comes from a soldier currently serving in Iraq who relates that Kerry dined alone, worked out in the gym alone and even canceled a press conference because no one came. In the midst of hundreds of those who should be his “comrades in arms”, Kerry was shunned.

Guess that’s what happens after a career of calling your comrades murderers, baby killers and uneducated morons.

Hat Tip to non-blogging Advised by Wolves.

Updated: There has been some questions about the authenticity of the photo. Michelle Malkin chased down a number of leads and exploded each in turn, and gathered more information from the troops on the scene. Bottom line is that the photo is “real and accurate“:

If you believe the disputed Kerry photo was taken in England in January 2006, then you must also believe that: (a) Kerry wore the same shirt in England as he did in Iraq 11 months later; (b) the U.K mess hall had Christmas decorations hanging from its ceiling two weeks after Christmas Day, (c) those decorations were identical to those hung 11 months later in the American Embassy in Baghdad, and (d) the U.K. mess hall has the same lights as the American Embassy in Baghdad.

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News Watch

CIA Watch: how we can learn from the Mossad in fixing our dysfunctional intelligence agency.

Kerry Watch: The hubris of a billionaire’s self defense fund.

Economy Watch: US Steelmakers are expecting robust demand for the rest of the year, making it the third year in a row that demand has remained strong.

Tax Watch: It looks like Republican lawmakers will succeed in extending some of the tax cuts for another year or two.

UN Watch: U.N. peacekeepers, aid workers and teachers are having sex with Liberian girls as young as 8 in return for money, food or favors.

MSM Watch: The New York Times has once again been caught plagerizing.

Illegal Alien Watch: An Arizona sheriff is using an old tactic to find and arrest those entering our country illegally: posses.

Health Watch: Cancer resistant mice have been discovered. “When white blood cells from the mice are injected into other mice, they eradicate advanced tumours and provide lifetime protection against the disease. … Even highly aggressive forms of malignancy with very large tumours were eradicated.”

Looney Watch: PETA has launched an ad campaign in which PETA President and co-founder Ingrid Newkirk is quated as saying, “Even if animal research resulted in a cure for AIDS, we’d be against it.” [One supposes the same goes for cancer.]

Fun Facts for Lefties: Fidel Castro is apparently worth $900 million and ranked seventh on the Forbes magazine list of wealthy heads of state.

Vets Sue Kerry

First it was the Swift Boat Vets. Now it’s the Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation:

The Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation is a plaintiff along with Red, White, and Blue Productions, and Vietnam veteran turned journalist Carlton Sherwood, in a defamation action against current Massachusetts Senator John Kerry and Tony Podesta, who was Kerry’s Pennsylvania campaign manager.

The lawsuit, filed in Philadelphia, claims that Kerry and Podesta libeled, slandered, and caused financial harm to the plaintiffs as they sought to prevent the presentation of Sherwood’s documentary movie Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal before the 2004 presidential election. …

This may be the first time in American history that a presidential candidate was sued for actions taken by him and his campaign during an election. It may also be the first time that an antiwar activist was sued, if only tangentially, for allegations made about American military personnel.

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Kerry Rouged

Oregon Magizine delivers a surgical strike on Kerry’s recent talk show appearance. In particular, on the issue of delivering arms to the Khmer Rouge:

“Ridiculous,” snorted a former CIA station chief from neighboring Laos, “That is the equivalent of delivering arms to the Viet Cong.” Robert Turner, an expert on North Vietnamese and Vietcong affairs at the embassy in Saigon at the time and now a professor at the University of Virginia says: “Kerry has gone delusional. This is hilarious.” When Kerry was in Vietnam in 1969 the estimate of Khmer Rouge strength was only 2500. They would have been hard to find, much less deliver weapons to, scattered around a country of 10 million almost the size of Oklahoma.

There’s more.

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Kerry Confesses to Treason

Just One Minute catches it (and catches a Lucianne featured link to boot Congrats!).

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Kerry Blames Bin Laden

It’s never Kerry’s fault. Whenever he made a mistep during the campaign an aide or speechwriter was blamed. Now Kerry is blaming Bin Laden.

But more stunning is this statement:

“I won the youth vote. I won the independent vote. I won the moderate vote.”

Yeah, but you lost:

  • the Married vote
  • the Gun Owner vote
  • the Protestant vote
  • the Catholic vote
  • the Male vote
  • the vote of every person over 30 years of age

Moreover, you lost ground in almost every demographic including union members and *gasp* Democrats!

What a loser!

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Kerry to Enter Ohio Recount Fray?

From NewsMax, but I find no supporting story from other news sources:

John Kerry is filing papers in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio in support of a recount effort in that state, reports Truthout.

At the center of the Kerry filing are motions to preserve and discover – expeditiously – information regarding the Triad Systems voting machines used in Election 2004.

Update: Say Anything has more on this topic.

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Kerry Blamed Bush Instead of Saddam

LGF reports that those missing explosives that Kerry ranted about now appears to have been taken by Saddam’s agents as part of a military strategy that called for using suicide bombers.

No apology from the Senator has been forthcoming.

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43 Mistakes

The 43 Mistakes of Kerry Edwards 2004 from Fishkite. Nice job!

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Happy Veterans Day

To commemorate Veteran’s Day, I’m posting a pair of poems from the pen of the talented Russ Vaughn. Although the topic concerns a battle just fought and won, we should be allowed to revel a little in the victory and thank those responsible at the same time. The first poem is quite aptly named.


How liberals do defy the mind
For nothing in theirs’ can we find,
That willingly will look with reason
At how their man committed treason,
Skulked off to Paris this effete
To grovel at the Madame’s feet,
Betraying his sworn officer’s oath
To become the turncoat we so loathe.

Our law is clear you shall not treat
With America’s foes nor their cadres meet;
Give aid nor comfort to enemy forces
Nor espouse a view from hostile sources.
Without a mandate from the state
Wherefrom your right to negotiate?
Was treason, John, and is treason still
To this very day your unpaid bill.

Don’t try to hide behind your youth.
You knew the law you knew the truth.
You knew your faux negotiation
Would further tear our war-torn nation
And all for what, John, your career
So you can shameless brazen here,
And claim now that you’re fit to lead
The very nation you made bleed?

And yet before us there you stand
With medals blazing you demand
Such treachery we must ignore
Your treason that lost us our war.
But hold on, John, we veterans say,
You had your turn, now comes our day.
You thought we slept, forgot your crime?
Oh no, John boy, it’s come our time.

Some say let you apologize
But that won’t do it in our eyes.
A man astride of each position
Could we believe your true contrition?
The vindication we’ll accept
In settling up this long-held debt,
Is each of us will do his best
To deny you, John, your lifelong quest.

Listen carefully John to what we say, November 2d is Veterans’ Day.

Russ Vaughn
2d Bn, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment
101st Airborne Division
Vietnam 65-66

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