Hillary’s Howard Dean Moment Set to Music

We didn’t have social media when Howard Dean screamed his way out of a race. But lucky for us, we do now!

This Vine is my favorite so far, but for more search tag #HillaryBarks. More are being uploaded all the time!

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13 Hours: Weekly Standard Review

Stephen F. Hayes at the Weekly Standard calls 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi “powerful” and a film “well worth seeing” in it’s film review titled 13 Hours: Stranger than Fiction. First, they talk about the movie and the impact it has on the viewer:

The movie is based on the book of the same name, written by Boston University journalism professor Mitchell Zuckoff with five CIA contractors who participated in the many battles in Benghazi that night. The authors announced in the book’s introduction that they had sought to avoid the politics of Benghazi in favor of a fact-based account of what happened during the 13 hours of fighting there. And while the film tracks the book’s narrative closely, Bay’s depiction of the sense of abandonment felt by those men, as they wait for help that never arrives, heightens the outrage.

Stephen also talks about the political ramifications (read the whole thing!) and the impact on the GOP primary but the money quote:

Whatever its impact, 13 Hours is a powerful film that is well worth seeing. From beginning to end, it forcefully rejects the sanitized, no-fault version of Benghazi. In scene after powerful scene, it assigns blame: to policymakers in Washington who naïvely overestimated our ability to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys in post-Qaddafi Libya; to Washington bureaucrats who paid little attention to repeated warnings about the security of U.S. facilities in Benghazi; to CIA officials more concerned with career advancement and positive performance reviews than saving lives.

But perhaps the strongest indictment made by 13 Hours is an unspoken one. The film itself is an implicit but devastating critique of the American media that refused to report this story in this way, an establishment media that left to Hollywood the responsibility of telling these important truths.

It’s refreshing to see anything come out of Hollywood that attempts to tell the unvarnished truth about anything. To see a movie that addresses an issue that has current political ramifications spin is almost astounding. I urge you to support these rare events to deliver the message to the west coast that Americans want to see the truth without liberal spin. Read the book and see movie. Maybe even see another of Michael Bay’s movies; voting with your dollar is the most effective vote you can cast.


The Decision of a Lifetime

As I look at the array of available candidates left in the smoking ruins of the 2008 presidential primaries, several things occur to me. First, I understand the Left being jerked to the left by the MoveOn.org and George Soros crowd. I really do. It makes sense. The socialists have taken control of the liberal movement.

But what the hell is jerking MY party to the left?

Why is it that there is not a single candidate that represents anything even close to what I believe?

Where was I when Reaganism died?

With "Bye, Bye Miss American Pie" playing softly in my head (now with new meaning — think about it), I return to the question I have been struggling with since Fred Thompson left the race: who do I support now?

Given that Huckabee and Giuliani seem to be lost causes (not that I could support either one, anyway), and given that I do not consider doing nothing a viable option, I am left with seven choices.

I could support Mitt Romney, the man that went to Michigan and made promises no one could possibly keep in order to woo Detroit voters. The man whose campaign spread a lie in order to suppress support of Thompson during the crucial Iowa caucus. The man that has flip-flopped on at least 15 issues, including my beloved Second Amendment.

I could support John McCain, war hero and experienced Senator. Of course, Ann Coulter properly points out that McCain’s "Straight Talk Express" takes a very crooked path as he "enthusiastically (promotes) amnesty for illegal aliens, Social Security credit for illegal aliens, criminal trials for terrorists, stem-cell research on human embryos, crackpot global warming legislation and free speech-crushing campaign-finance laws." Not to mention his repeated opposition to the Bush tax cuts, waterboarding terrorists and drilling in the ANWR. And Ann completely left out McCain’s poor record on gun rights and that he is a danger to the Second Amendment.

I believe Mitt will tell voters anything they want to hear, and will take his own liberal path when elected. With McCain, at least I know what I’m getting. The trouble is, apart from the continued prosecution of the War on Islamofascism, I don’t like much of it.

I could support Ron Paul, a man who absolutely will not prosecute the War on Islamofascism. So no, I won’t vote for him. Besides, as the Club for Growth said, the man is a purist to a fault (literally).

And so I come to choices 4 through 6: Hillary, Edwards or Obama. That’s right, I could cross party lines in the primary and vote Democrat.

On the night of the Iowa caucus, I listened to the speeches of Edwards, Hillary and Obama. I will tell you now that Edwards’ and Hillary’s speeches scared me to the point that I decided right then and there that if either one of them is elected then I’m joining a militia to prepare for the coming disintegration of the Union. In fact, if I can’t find a militia then I’m going to start one. Buy a few hundred acres of Tennessee wilderness and go practice war and survival.

Obama’s speech was scary, but not to the point where I fear for the survival of my offspring. I can see me crossing the line to vote for him.

One major problem: I want to support someone in a local race (Bill Giannini for county Tax Assessor!) and voting in the Democrat primary would make that impossible. I have a larger impact in local races, so the Democrat options are out (until November, that is).

My seventh and final option is to vote for Fred Thompson in the primary (he is still on the Tennessee ballot) and Libertarian in the fall. I could easily get behind Wayne Allyn Root. These would be pure protest votes, a message to the collective GOP that they no longer represent me. [Besides, I saw Root speak at the Conservative Leadership Conference and absolutely loved him. His speech is on YouTube and also his campaign site.]

You often hear people say that they didn’t leave the party, the party left them. I used to feel that way. But now I feel that I didn’t leave the party, the party has run screaming past trying to be "moderate" to a total abandonment of all that makes it a force for good in this dangerous world.

And so I am decided. Fred Thompson in the primary. Then a few months to think about it with a probable vote for Wayne Allyn Root (current frontrunner in the Libertarian race) in the fall.

Update: The Fourth Horseman writes via email:

The only real issue I see between McCain and Clinton is Iraq, and I don’t think there will be that much difference in the result once Clinton stops running to the left, i.e. after she has the nomination.  I am almost to the point of "let them have it for four years" and then let’s see if we can’t have a candidate who can get it right. That might be better than letting McCain "work" with the Dems to pass "bi-partisan" socialist legislation.

To which Advised by Wolves responds:

Agreed. . . Either a McCain or a Clinton Presidency will be a failure. Let the “D” get the blame.

My problem with that is the fact that it would be Clinton with a Democrat (of the Pelosi flavor) congress working together — a dangerous combination that could very well do irreparable harm to our flavor of freedom. Besides, with the press solidly on Hillary’s side, the fact that the presidency is a failure won’t come out for another 20 years. Just look at how many people still think Bill will be thought of kindly by history.

Still, their positions lend credence to my support of the Libertarian option.

A Mix of Sleaze and Socialism

The quote of the day comes from an Investor’s Business Daily editorial:

Lamenting the healthy U.S. economy, a certain senator from New York says "it takes a Clinton to clean up after a Bush." But the Clintons’ brand of soap always seems to be a mix of sleaze and socialism.


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The Clinton-Obama-Bush Doctrine

Quote of the day comes from the NY Sun:

The big news out of the most recent Democratic presidential debate was that two of the leading Democratic candidates, Senator Clinton and Senator Obama, endorsed the Bush Doctrine that is at the core of our current president’s foreign policy.

Quote of the Day

[Hillary] will be much more radical in raising taxes than Bush was in cutting them.

But more importantly,

The taxes Hillary will raise can always be repealed. But her health care changes are forever.

Read these quotes and a projection of HillaryCare’s impact on the country at Townhall.

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Most Activist Presidential Contenders

Forbes polled voting age Americans and asked them to match attributes to presidential candidates:

It’s not clear how “activist” might describe a president. Presumably, all holders of that office would pursue their own agendas vigorously. But it does seem to indicate a perception among voters as to how engaged in important issues a candidate is, rather than simply issuing position papers or repeating a canned stump speech. At the same time, however, Gore also happens to be rated as the most boring candidate of both parties.

There’s more information at the link, but here’s the high-level data:

Candidate Percent
Al Gore (D) 51
Hillary Clinton (D) 36
Barack Obama (D) 36
Dennis Kucinich (D) 28
John Edwards (D) 24
Bill Richardson (D) 21
Rudy Giuliani (R) 19
Newt Gingrich (R) 19
Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D) 19
Christopher Dodd (D) 19
John McCain (R) 18
Mitt Romney (R) 13
Michael Bloomberg (I) 13
Tommy Thompson (R) 13
Fred Thompson (R) 10

Of Democrats and RINOs

Democrat Sells Political Influence: South Carolina state Sen. Darrell Jackson inked a $200,000 deal with Hillary just days before announcing that he was throwing his weight behind her bid for the presidency.

Jackson had also been in talks with Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign about endorsing him and entering into a consulting contract for more than $5,000, sources said – raising questions about whether Jackson’s endorsement was bought by a higher bidder.

Speaking of Democrats and those of similar ilk, it looks like Senator McCain is poised to begin raising millions of dollars in soft money in order to make a run at the presidency. So much for the unconstitutional abomination we call McCain-Feingold.


Political News Roundup


Do you give money to the Sierra Club? If you do, you’re putting Democrats in office! The Sierra Club is planning on putting between five and ten million dollars into competitive state races this year.

What makes a liberal a liberal? Mark Goldblatt weighs in and he’s right on the money. [I know, I was one!]

Think Hillary can win? John Hawkins doesn’t, and lists The Top 8 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Is a Weaker Candidate Than People Think.

Meanwhile, Condoleezza Rice is more popular than you’d think:

When Esquire asked American men who they would invite from a list of 14 notable women to a dinner party, they chose Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice – over such stars as Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson.

Dinner with Condi? Sign me up!

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Questions for Hillary

Senator Hillary Clinton recently went to a primary school in Ithaca, New York, to talk about the world. After her talk she offers question time.

One little boy puts up his hand and the Senator asks him what his name is.


“And what is your question, Kenny?”

“I have three questions:

  1. Whatever happened to your medical health care plan?
  2. Why would you run for President after your husband shamed the office?
  3. Whatever happened to all those things you took when you left the White House?”

Just then the bell rings for recess. Hillary Clinton informs the kiddies that they will continue after recess.

When they resume Hillary says, “OK, where were we? Oh, that’s right, question time. Who has a question?”

A different little boy puts his hand up. Hillary points him out and asks him what his name is.


“And what is your question, Larry?”

“I have 5 questions:

  1. Whatever happened to your medical health care plan?
  2. Why would you run for President after your husband shamed the office?
  3. Whatever happened to all those things you took when you left the white house?
  4. Why did the recess bell go off 20 minutes early?
  5. What happened to Kenny?”
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