13 Hours: Weekly Standard Review

Stephen F. Hayes at the Weekly Standard calls 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi “powerful” and a film “well worth seeing” in it’s film review titled 13 Hours: Stranger than Fiction. First, they talk about the movie and the impact it has on the viewer:

The movie is based on the book of the same name, written by Boston University journalism professor Mitchell Zuckoff with five CIA contractors who participated in the many battles in Benghazi that night. The authors announced in the book’s introduction that they had sought to avoid the politics of Benghazi in favor of a fact-based account of what happened during the 13 hours of fighting there. And while the film tracks the book’s narrative closely, Bay’s depiction of the sense of abandonment felt by those men, as they wait for help that never arrives, heightens the outrage.

Stephen also talks about the political ramifications (read the whole thing!) and the impact on the GOP primary but the money quote:

Whatever its impact, 13 Hours is a powerful film that is well worth seeing. From beginning to end, it forcefully rejects the sanitized, no-fault version of Benghazi. In scene after powerful scene, it assigns blame: to policymakers in Washington who naïvely overestimated our ability to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys in post-Qaddafi Libya; to Washington bureaucrats who paid little attention to repeated warnings about the security of U.S. facilities in Benghazi; to CIA officials more concerned with career advancement and positive performance reviews than saving lives.

But perhaps the strongest indictment made by 13 Hours is an unspoken one. The film itself is an implicit but devastating critique of the American media that refused to report this story in this way, an establishment media that left to Hollywood the responsibility of telling these important truths.

It’s refreshing to see anything come out of Hollywood that attempts to tell the unvarnished truth about anything. To see a movie that addresses an issue that has current political ramifications spin is almost astounding. I urge you to support these rare events to deliver the message to the west coast that Americans want to see the truth without liberal spin. Read the book and see movie. Maybe even see another of Michael Bay’s movies; voting with your dollar is the most effective vote you can cast.


QotD: Journalists Lied

Today’s quote of the day:

One day, their epitaph may read: Journalists lied, the media died.

More here.

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Do More than "Remember"

Crossed Union and Confederate Flags

Memorial Day grew out of the horror of the great Civil War which ripped this nation asunder. It is a day that has been set aside that we may remember our fallen heroes, those that have died while defending our noble experiment, the greatest nation in the history of Man.

This is the sixth Memorial Day in a row in which we find our nation confronting a great evil. While liberals moan about keeping Islamofascists locked up on a Caribbean island, our soldiers are kicking down doors in Iraq to find torture chambers.

Al Queda Torture 1A recent raid on an al-Qaeda safe house turned up crude instruments of torture and an instruction manual that graphically depicts how they are to be applied, such as using a power drill to drill through a hand or applying a hot iron or even a blowtorch to the skin. The instructions do not tell captors to provide religious materials, legal counsel or cultural-specific meals. They do show how to break limbs and gouge an eye from its socket.

A month ago five people were rescued from just such a torture house, one of them a mere boy and all of them beaten daily with chains and cables. This is the evil that the enemy brought to our shores.

Al Queda Torture 2Makes “waterboarding” look like a walk in the park, doesn’t it? Makes getting your picture taken with a collar on and girl holding the end of a leash a little tame, doesn’t it.

The media is virtually ignoring the story of the al-Qaeda torture manual and victims rescued. It does not fit their agenda the way that months of Abu Ghraib coverage furthered their cause.

Similarly, the media is under-reporting the freeing of 42 Iraqis, one as young as 14, from an al-Qaeda prison. Some had been held as long as four months, suspended from ceilings, beaten and tortured. Some had broken bones.

Our troops are doing good things in Iraq.

On this Memorial Day we should remember all our soldiers, active and retired, alive and deceased. We should be grateful to those who have given their all and support those currently facing the horrors of war.

I encourage you to fly an American flag in memory of soldiers no longer with us, and open your hearts and wallets to support today’s soldiers and their families. Some suggestions:

Disabled American Vets
Operation Gratitude (Read a news story about Operation Gratitude)
Adopt a Platoon
Treats for Troops
Operation Top Knot
Fisher House
Operation Hero Miles
Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund

Alternatively (or in addition to), you can support former Green Beret and current photojournalist Michael Yon as he publishes the most unbiased truth about the situation in Iraq.

Red Rag Apologizes, WaPo Calls US Troops Mercenaries

The NYTimes printed pictures and posted video of a US soldier dying in Iraq, even before the family was notified. The reporters involved have lost embed status because they violated their contract with the military.

Gateway Pundit is following the entire story.


40% of Americans Duped

According to a Gallup Poll, 41 percent of Americans believe that the mainstream media’s reporting of Iraq is accurate. Stunning.

This is why the Fourth Estate is so successful in undermining our war effort. Again.


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Allah in Politics

Today’s must read is American Spectator’s Keith Ellison’s crowd: Allahu Akhbar. With Democracy and Christianity under attack, to is a good day to reflect on double standards in the media and the fight that lies ahead of us.

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Osama Heart NYT

Ya gotta love the talent of Michael Ramirez:

Michael Ramirez Cartoon of Osama with NYT tattoo

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