If you think the moonbats in America are bad, take a look at what Davids Medienkritik finds in the German press. Hint: journalist Philipp Mausshardt, while sad for the Democrats that are suffering, is “joyful” — yes, joyful — that it was America that got hit by Katrina and wishes it had destroyed the houses of “Bush voters and members of the Army “.

I am quite pleased that we are pulling our bases out of Germany in our global realignment.

While you are out and about, take a look at The Brussels Journal entry How Katrina Will Affect Europe. Excellent entry with a great money quote at the end that I won’t give away by posting here. Go, read, add to blogroll.

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Those Anti-Semitic Belgians

A new report on the textbooks being printed by the Palestinian Authority says that textbooks teach that “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” are an “integral part” of Zionist history that was approved in “a confidential resolution of the First Zionist Congress.”

The “Protocols”, of course, is the foundation of whacko conspiracy theorists who say that the Jews are trying to control the world. But wait, there’s more!

The description of the Protocols is one of many anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic statements made in PA textbooks, according to a report issued by the Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace (CMIP) on Monday, a watchdog group.

The 122-page report notes that Israel is omitted from all maps of the Middle East, and that Palestinian martyrs are portrayed as “heroic” strugglers against the “occupying force.”

so how do the Belgians respond?

“We do not find [the textbooks] anti-Semitic in any way,” said a spokesman from the Belgian government press office, speaking to The Jerusalem Post by telephone. “We have a screening process that goes through and reads the books. There has been some controversy about it in the past, but we have had people look into it.”

However, other countries may be having second thoughts. While Finland, Italy and the Netherlands have also provided aid for PA textbooks in the past, this year’s books only credit Belgium and “Arab nations” as providing aid.

When you are the only Western nation to stand with Jew-hating Arabs, then you should be doing some serious soul searching.

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Why Germany Will Never Win a War

A German court ruled Wednesday that a soldier, who refused to follow orders because he did not want to support the US-led war in Iraq, had every right to do so.

Judges at Germany’s Federal Administrative Court said that members of the military could not be forced to comply with orders that go against their conscience.

The court added that the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of conscience also applied to soldiers in active service.

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Britain Deploys Troops to Keep Domestic Order

The British government has ordered the army onto the streets to join an all-out summer campaign against anti-social drunken and violent behavior by rowdy youths.

Military police and ordinary uniformed soldiers will help keep youngsters under control in up to 20 towns and cities near military barracks.

The strategy comes as police forces in more than 230 towns and cities begin a clampdown on disorderly behavior by alcohol-fueled youngsters, in response to a Home Office survey showing a disturbing rise in youth crime.

Home Secretary Charles Clarke asked the Ministry of Defense to support police forces around the country after an experiment in the town of Royston in Hertfordshire, where uniformed Redcaps — military police — were deployed to crack down on late-night violence by drunken youths.

Their patrols were judged a success and the Redcaps are now seen regularly on the streets, alongside Hertfordshire beat police, in the small market town, where local officers have welcomed them.

One officer said that although the military police are armed only with a baton similar to that used by ordinary police, their uniforms and military training deter antics from getting out of hand.


Tim Worstall doesn’t like it either:

No, I don’t think that a few squddies harrassing the drunks on a Saturday night is a great breach of our liberties, no, it isn’t the beginnings of the fascist state…..but that is what it looks like.

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Only in France

Red lace for men, and it’s called “a very masculine piece of underwear“.

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No Truce!

Kathryn Jean Lopez is usually fairly level-headed when she writes for NRO. But she thinks it is time we make up with the French because the overwhelming majority shot down the aristocrat’s European Constitution, so clearly the French aren’t all bad:

In the French vote, which the Associated Press called “a knockout blow” for the E.U. constitution — you can see a clear split. A split between the French people and French president Jacques Chirac. Between the French people and Dominique de Villepin, who, for the heck of it, we’ll call the enemy of the people. (Surely you remember his role as the leading anti-Americanist stationed at the United Nations in the run-up to the Iraq war.)

The problem with this view is that although the French did the right thing, they did it for all the wrong reasons. They did not vote against a bureaucracy-laden document, they voted against a free market for goods. They did not vote against paying outrageous salaries to parasitic officials, they voted against allowing workers from Eastern Europe to compete in their job pool because those workers will work for less pay.

There was nothing even remotely American-valued about the French vote, except for the incidental fact that it was a spit in the eye of Jacques Chirac and his cronies.

MartiniPundit says:

You know what? Until they reject Chirac and his ilk at the polls, Wisconsin will still get my business.

I say, you know what? Until they get a serious attitude adjustment, I (and most Americans) will go on giving my business to California, Australia, Chile and Italy and the French can tear up every vineyard in France.

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Jack Straw says Chirac is “Deluded”

The battle between Blair and Chirac escalates:

Jack Straw launched a withering assault on President Jacques Chirac and his allies last night, saying they were “deluded” if they thought that Britain’s £3 billion budget rebate was the real problem facing Europe.

The Foreign Secretary flew into Luxembourg for a meeting of European foreign ministers, vowing to tell them that plans to increase overall EU spending – while leaving French farm subsidies untouched – were “unfair”, and “wasteful”. …

Officials said [Prime Minister Tony Blair] was ready for a fight with Mr Chirac, the French president, over the rebate. They indicated that Mr Blair is prepared to plunge Europe into financial turmoil by threatening to wield his national veto over the next EU budget at a summit in Brussels this week.

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Even Luxembourg May Diss EU Constitution

The Nee Movement grows:

Yet even here in the Grand Duchy, the tiny country which by some yardsticks has done better out of the European Union than any other, polls show opposition to the constitution rising fast.

A Luxembourg No in its July 10 referendum would be a humiliation for the European project that would end all talk of keeping the document alive through the ballot box.

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French Wine Sales Plummet Amidst Increase in Global Wine Consumption

The latest wine industry research reveals that the global consumption of wine continues to grow with more expensive wines expanding their market. In the U.S., wine is eroding beer’s market share, even in the face of increased beer consumption.

One would think that this would be very good news in France, who has had a lock on the wine industry for centuries with everything from the best techniques to the highest snob appeal.

But one would be wrong because France is actually paying farmers to rip thier vines out of the ground and abandon winemaking altogether:

France’s top wine-growing regions are to rip up some 18,000 hectares of prestige vines in the biggest purge of the country’s wine industry since the Phylloxera epidemic a century ago.

Faced with over-production and crumbling export sales, Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Loire valley are to slash output by paying farmers a lump sum to abandon their vineyards.


Let’s take a look at the top 25 brands that are increasing their U.S. market:




Yellow Tail









Sterling Vintners Collection



Smoking Loon



R H Phillips Vineyard



Ravenswood Vintners Blend



Francis Coppola



Leaping Horse



Crane Lake



Columbia Crest



Bella Sera






Alice White



Schmitt Sohne



Century Cellars By BV



Bogle Vineyards



Covey Run



Black Swan



Concha Y Toro Frontera



J Lohr






Louis Jadot



Chateau Ste Michelle





The lone French winery that is actually expanding market share in the booming American wine market barely makes the list and is topped by Australia (repeatedly), Germany (will the French ever be able to beat the Germans at anything?), Italy and even Chile. Once again, ouch!

The French blame their failure on everything from changing tastes in wine to “vino-terrorists” (I’m not making that up). What is obvious is that the French cannot compete in a free market with stiff competition. (To be fair, the French don’t think so either, as indicated by their rejection of the European Constitution over fears of open markets and cheap labor from less developed EU nations.)

But one wonders how much politics plays in the choosing of wines and if the French, by obstructing the spread of freedom around the world, have killed the icon industry of France.

BTW, Yellow Tail winery has a blog. It also tops the list. Coincidence?

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Today’s Humor

EU Referendum gives us A dictionary for EU commissioners.

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