BUYcott Arizona

USA Today suggested that Arizona’s tough new immigration law may have a chilling effect on tourism as vacationers and businesses alike cancel plans to travel to the state. San Francisco’s City Attorney called for a sweeping boycott of everything Arizonian.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer dismissed such threats, saying that the “outrage” won’t last any more than the outcry over Arizona’s law that requires voters to show an ID to vote.

As for me, I plan on buycotting Arizona. When I shop for products online, I will look for those made in Arizona. When looking for gifts, I will first look to Arizona. And when planning a vacation, I will travel to and spend my dollars in Arizona.

Vote with your wallet. Buy Arizona.

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Time to Boycott Chrysler

As if I would buy a Chrysler anyway with their reputation for bad transmissions, but now they are going to start importing Chinese cars for sale here.

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7-11 Severs Citgo Ties, Blows PR Opportunity

Boycott Citgo7-Eleven has announced that it will no longer use Citgo as a gas supplier, severing a 20-year relationship:

7-Eleven officials said Wednesday that the decision was partly motivated by politics.

Citgo Petroleum Corp. is a Houston-based subsidiary of Venezuela’s state-run oil company and 7-Eleven is worried that anti-American comments made by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez might prompt motorists to fill-up elsewhere.

I’m thinking, “Great! I’ll drive miles out of my way just to go to a 7-Eleven.

And I’m thinking that 7-Eleven will become the Gas King of Middle America because there’s a whole lot of people that would feel the same way.

But no, 7-Eleven was quick to put a knife through the heart of any perception that a business decision has anything to do with keeping Americans from funding anti-American regimes or protecting Americans from terrorist-friendly, hate-spewing madmen:

The company’s decision appeared to represent a broadening of U.S.-Venezuela tensions, which previously had been little more than a war of words between Chavez and the Bush administration, but 7-Eleven spokeswoman Margaret Chabris told Reuters that was not the case.

The decision to drop Citgo, a subsidiary of Venezuelan national oil company PDVSA, was made well before the speech, she said, and based on 7-Eleven’s desire to sell its own branded gasoline.

“People are making it out to be more than it is,” Chabris said.

Further, 7-Eleven’s official position is that Americans should keep funding anti-American socialist regimes:

The 7-Eleven statement said it was not calling for a boycott of Citgo, which employs 4,000 people in the United States, and supplies 14,000 US retailers.

“Americans with no substantive connection to Venezuela would be economically harmed by boycotts,” the statement said.

In other words, 7-Eleven believes that a boycott that harms one thousandth of one percent of Americans is a bad thing. But giving millions billions of dollars every year to a nation that harbors Arab terrorists, openly declares support for Syria and cozies up to China is just fine.

I’ll not be stopping at a 7-Eleven again. Ever.

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Bush Was Right — in Song

Two musical brothers calling themselves The Right Brothers have a great little single out called Bush Was Right, the video of which can be seen in its entirety at YouTube.

Wizbang! finds their music derivative and I must agree. Much of it sounds just like every song on our “new rock” station. But I like these words better, so I don’t care.

I liked it so much that I immediately jumped over to their site and ordered their entire collection. Too bad their latest release, What About the Issues?, isn’t on CD — it’s a free download.

I declare an AlphaPatriot Buycott on The Right Brothers. Go forth, purchase, and enjoy. I plan to trick a liberal into riding in my big SUV and playing Bush Was Right repeatedly.

HT to non-blogging Advised by Wolves.

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Economies, Danish and Others

Even though the media seems to have waged verbal war on the US economy, consumers have finally stopped listening; consumer confidence rose to a 16-month high as hopes rose for better jobs and wages. And it’s no wonder as sales and production soar:

Americans bought more cars, clothing and electronics last month, factory assembly lines kept humming, and home construction accelerated, as the U.S. economy roared into 2006, economists said before government reports this week.

Across the western pond, Japan is experiencing an even better recovery as the economy grew at three times the rate of the U.S. and Europe. And Australia’s economy is running at near-capacity.

Indeed, the global economic forecast is rosy for 2006. Except for France, perhaps, as the French economy slowed more than than expected in the fourth quarter and industrial production was down.

Meanwhile, Muslims the world over continue to try and ruin brave little Denmark’s economy because of the silly cartoon flap, but the Buy Danish campaign*BuyDanishLogo.jpg is more than offsetting the effects. At least that is the opinion of Børsen, thoughtfully translated by Samizdata [HT to Michelle Malkin]. In part:

“It just might give a good effect. Normally there is a greater effect the other way around, when you signal disgust and irritation through a boycott. But the present situation is completely unusual, and many dislikes the Muslim boycott and the extremists reactions to the drawings. It is expressed through the buying of Danish goods”, says Dominique Bouchet. …

A simple search on Google gives more than 100.000 “buy Danish” pages.”**

E-nough! publishes an excellent dissertation explaining exactly why the Muslim riots in reaction to the cartoons is ludicrous and hypocritical.

EU Referendum has a must-see post explaining why the Muslims should lighten up (the Lego illustration is hilarious, but the Coke graphic is the one that made me chuckle out loud).

Finally, Deja vu informs us that even the respected Financial Times appears to be biased in reporting this matter.

* HT to Rantings of a Sandmonkey for the buycott graphic.

** A Google search for Buy Danish now yields 8.5 million hits and this website is the 280th in the hit list. A similar Yahoo search yields 9.5 million in which AlphaPatriot appears 263rd.

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Choosing Your Boycotts

TCS tells us why the European economy is much more important to the United States than that of China:

The economy of the single-currency eurozone is five times larger than China’s and per capita income is more than 20 times higher. U.S. exports to the larger European Union (EU) region, at $193 billion in 2004, were more than five times greater than to China but have grown a measly 3 percent since 2000. Imports from the European Union last year, $321 billion, were more than 60 percent higher than from China. U.S. foreign direct investment into Europe last year was $97 billion compared to just $4.2 billion into China. By virtually any measure, Western Europe is the most important trading partner, investment partner and strategic partner in the world for the United States. And the European economy is floundering.

I boycott China to the greatest extent possible because of human rights violations and their military threat. And I will continue to boycott France and Germany because of their leader’s and media anti-American rhetoric. However, I will continue to buy U.K., Italian, Polish and “new Europe” goods whenever possible — they are good allies.

BTW, Donald Rumsfeld has boycotted China for the last four years as well.

Update: American Thinker outlines Bill Clinton’s abetting of the Chinese military program:

China is fighting a new Cold War, borne up by trade surplus dollars, which it fully intends to win. This time however, the administration of President Bill Clinton played the same role as did the Rosenbergs in the last one. Just as the infamous couple delivered critical nuclear technology to the Soviets in the late 1940’s, the Clintons allowed the sale of critical missile technology to the Communist Chinese in return for campaign contributions, the dubious nature of which vastly eclipses any accusation against Delay from even his most wild-eyed critics.

Counting on the technical ignorance of the X-Box generation, Clinton dismissed the strategic technology transfers as merely benefiting “commercial satellite technology.” But as any marginally savvy space enthusiast knows, the technology required to orbit a satellite is identical to that necessary to hurl a Chinese nuclear warhead into the American heartland.

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Subway: Leave No One Unoffended

The headline reads, French bashing alive and well in parts of America:SubwayFrenchBashing.jpg

Two years after relations between the US and France soured over the
Iraq war, French-bashing in America appears alive and well in light of a recent ad campaign by a fast-food chain linking France and cowardice.

The ad by the Subway chain touted a cordon bleu chicken sandwich with the words “France and chicken, somehow it just goes together“. A photo of a chicken dressed like Napoleon accompanied the advertisement.

Subway ran the ads in about 10 US states for nearly a month and pulled them in September following an outcry by members of the French expatriate community and other customers offended by the racist undertone.

Remember, this is chicken cordon bleu, i.e., a French chicken dish. The restaurant didn’t mean offense. Says the spokesman, “The perfect match of French cuisine and the Subway chicken … that was the intent of this advertising.”

But some were offended because, of course, there is more than a little grain of truth in putting a French uniform on a chicken. But the AFP article makes a big deal about the acceptability of French-bashing in America.

Of course there’s no mention that Subway has stores in 81 countries, including France.

SubwayAmericaBashing2.jpgNor is there any mention of the much more offensive advertising found in about 100 German Subways last year.

Like the image at the left that was featured on a Subway tray in Germany:

The trayliner asks “Why are the Amis {Americans} (“Amis” – a derogatory term for Americans) so fat?” and includes a caricature of the Statue of Liberty as an obese woman holding fries and a hamburger.

The tray liner was part of an advertising campaign for Morgon Spurlock’s hack documentary (hackumentary?) “Supersize Me” in which Spurlock claims to gain 24 pounds in 30 days by eating exclusively at McDonalds three times a day. If asked if he would like the meal “supersized” he always accepted and consumed everything, even if it meant gorging to the point of vomiting later. And he made it a point to not exercise

There is, of course, no mention of Soso Whaley’s follow-up documentary in which she at nothing but McDonalds for 30 days but chose things like salads, but still ate fries with chocolate shakes and even Big Macs. She lost 10 pounds in 30 days. And another 8 pounds the next 30 days. In fact, she stayed on the plan for 90 days and lost almost 30 pounds. [It amazes me that a hack like Spurlock gets so much attention, even after his work has been thoroughly debunked.]

But I digress: back to Subway’s horrible display of anti-Americanism, because it didn’t stop at the tray liner.

After a large American outcry, the (American) company removed the offensive advertisements from their German stores.

But within days SubwayAmericaBashing.jpg
the image of a giant cheeseburger crashing into two skyscrapers appeared in a nutritional guide. Figures running from the towers include a man in a cowboy hat (gee, I wonder who that’s supposed to be?).

The company tried to defend this image:

Les Winograd, another spokesman for the sandwich company, said Subway headquarters in the United States contacted the German stores, which claim “they’ve never even seen it (the press kit/nourishment diary).”

Selbert confirmed that information in an interview with

“Those were for journalists and they were never made available at the Subway stores,” she said. But she could not explain how a customer at a Munich Subway obtained one.

Selbert said her company was surprised to see images from the press kit popping up on Internet sites.

Yeah, right.

Still, I’ve decided not to boycott Subway. They are not clearly anti-American: they offend everyone in pursuit of sales. A fine capitalist tradition.

And dressing a chicken in Nepoleon’s uniform is a stroke of genius. After all, isn’t it about time we got back to hating the French? [link is to a 2 MB download of an SNL sketch]

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S&W Stumbles Again

Smith & Wesson signed an appalling agreement with the Clinton-Gore administration, resulting in a consumer boycott that hurt the company so badly that manufacturing was halted at two plants for two months and the company was subsequently sold. (British company Tomkins had purchased S&W for $112 million in 1987 and was forced to sell it for a mere $15 million just one year after the disastrous decision to kowtow to Clinton.)

The once-great name has once again made a mistake of staggering proportions. It settled a lawsuit in which the parents of a boy who was shot in the face by another boy sued the gun maker (not the parents of the 15 y.o. shooter, who were also the morons that owned the gun and left it loaded and within reach).

The plaintiffs contend that the manufacturer was liable because they produced a product that should have been child proofed. Smith & Wesson contend that their product was not defective (then why did you settle!).

“The settlement marks the first time a gun manufacturer has paid to settle a claim for failing to childproof a gun,” said a statement by Trial Lawyers for Public Justice, a public interest law firm based in Washington, D.C.

Thanks to S&W, it won’t be the last.

The design changes demanded by the plaintiffs include:

  • A safety device on the gun to keep it from firing with the magazine removed.
  • A device to show whether a gun is unloaded or there is a bullet in the chamber.
  • Child proofing (note that the shooter was 15)

These are not new demands. Anyone that follows the legal assault on the gun industry will recognize these.

And the shooter? Oh, he was convicted of aggravated battery and possession of a firearm in July 1998 and placed in Juvenile Justice Authority custody.

Time to boycott Smith & Wesson again.

Update: Clayton Cramer has an interesting idea:

Wouldn’t it be entertaining to turn the tables, and file suit for injuries caused by gun control laws? We can’t sue governments for disarming victims; they enjoy sovereign immunity for actions that are within the normal scope of governmental activity–and unfortunately, passing stupid and counterproductive laws is definitely within the normal scope of governmental activity. But wouldn’t it be entertaining to file suit against the gun control groups that have lobbied for these laws?

Read it all. Heh.

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Boycotting Nokia

Said Ollila [chief executive of Nokia], sharing his concerns that the world is living in “an era of selfishness” unlike his childhood days, when family values were of prime importance: “What I’m worried about is that if this disintegration of values continues and develops further, we’ll get a conservative counter-reaction precisely like what has actually happened in the USA.

“This ultraconservatism, coupled with the elements of the church … which, as we well know, has also supported the current (U.S.) administration, is a powerful counter-reaction to a longtime vacuum of values in society.”

Translation from Finnish to English: Conservatives are amoral. Religious leaders, too.

I think Motorola makes damn fine phones, and I think I’ll be using them or other alternative from now on.

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Buycott on Inauguration Day

So there’s some talk on the left side of the net about a boycott of all spending on Inauguration Day. It’s even getting ink.

“I view the inauguration of Bush as a black Thursday for this country,” Livingstone says. “We’ve tried marching in the streets to stop the war, we tried writing letters, we tried initiatives on the Web, but Bush doesn’t listen. It seems to us the only thing Bush and the Republicans will listen to is money.”

This guy urges everyone to avoid spending any money on that day even to the point of brown-bagging it so as to not spend money on lunch.

Several problems are going unrecognized by this lefty looney.

First, gross economic figures are not collected on a day-by-day basis. He would have to get a large group of people to boycott for a week or even two in order to make a big enough blip to show up. These people will be filling up their tanks, going to grocery stores, and shopping on the internet the day before the boycott — just so they don’t get caught short. End result: nobody notices.

Second, Democrats own business too (believe it or not). Any broad boycott would hurt their own. Of course, they have that covered:

If people don’t want to boycott all business, the groups suggest buying from just those that support Democrats.

Which will, of course, completely eliminates even the remotist possibility of the boycott getting noticed in economic terms.

Of course they have that covered too:

The protesters say they’ll measure success not in economic terms, but by whether people know about the boycott and if it sparks future activism.

Which brings up the third point: Republicans are the ones with jobs. You know, the things that result in the distribution of money from a source other than the government? The thing that drives the economy?

So in celebration of Inauguration Day, January 20th, I will be spending my wallet out! I will lunch with my friends, fill up my SUV with gas, make large purchases over the internet, perhaps even dine with my wife.

Show your support for the president and join the Bush Buycott!

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