Bush Orders Goss to Beef Up CIA

President Bush has ordered CIA Director Porter J. Goss to increase by 50 percent the number of qualified CIA clandestine operators and intelligence analysts, an ambitious step that would mean the hiring and training of several thousand new personnel in coming years.

Bush also ordered the doubling of CIA officers involved in research and development “to find new ways to bring science to bear in the war on terrorism, the proliferation of WMD [weapons of mass destruction] and against new and emerging threats.” In the presidential order, dated Nov. 18 and released by the White House yesterday, Bush also called for a 50 percent increase in the number of CIA officers proficient in “mission-critical languages” such as Arabic.

Step 1: get rid of the administrative overhead that sat around Washington offices and did little more than criticize the administration. Step 2: hire new talent with the skills and drive to get something done.

I like it.

Update: Two senior CIA officials from clandestine operations are resigning:

As the chiefs of the Europe and Far East divisions, the two officials have headed spying operations in some of the most important regions of the world and were among a group known as the barons in the highest level of clandestine service, the Directorate of Operations.

The directorate has been the main target of an overhaul effort by Mr. Goss and his staff. Its chief, Stephen R. Kappes, and his deputy resigned this month after a dispute with the new management team.

Update: Powerline opines:

This is great news. At the rate Goss is revamping the CIA, we may, at some future date, have a competent intelligence organization dedicated to protecting the country’s security and not to advancing the interests of the Democratic Party.

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