Brit military Loses “Hundreds” of UAVs

Drone drama as British military admits hundreds of lost UAVs – SlashGear.

Over 400 drones ranging from palm-sized helicopters to a $16m combat-capable Reaper have been lost in action, blown up, or simply stopped working over the past five years, the British military has admitted. …

The single most expensive loss is probably that of a Reaper drone, which is capable of carrying both reconnaissance technology as well as Hellfire missiles for actively attacking remote targets. With a price tag of around £10m ($16m) it is yet to be replaced; it’s unclear whether it was hostile destruction, pilot error, a fault with the UAV itself, or problems recovering the downed hardware – all reasons for drone losses given by the MoD – that was at fault.

Far more common, however, are smaller drones falling out of service. 412 of the UK army’s Desert Hawk 3 drones – which resemble hobby airplanes – have been destroyed or otherwise lost in the half-decade period, while the Black Hornet and Tarantula Hawk “micro air vehicle”, both smaller models, have totalled 25 losses.

Posted February 13th, 2013 Filed in War, Terrorism,& the Military