Boston: It’s About Islam, David Sirota

Roger Simon of Pajamas Media has another response to David Sirota’s idiotic article fervent desire that the Boston Bombers turn out to be white Americans:

Over the last few days I have wanted to write about an article published by David Sirota on Salon, which was commented on admirably by my colleagues Roger Kimball and Richard Fernandez. Sirota wrote to express his hope that the Boston Bombers would be white Americans, because otherwise our putative race-hatred of Muslims or people of color of any sort would be enhanced. It’s all about “white skin privilege,” doncha know?

Today Sirota seems like an imbecile (well, he did before), but I would venture to say he doesn’t know why. So I will spell it out for him:  the War on Terror (euphemism alert) is not about skin color. It is about ideology, Islamic ideology.

Be sure to click through and read Kimball’s and Fernandez’s most excellent responses as well.

Posted April 19th, 2013 Filed in War on Islamofascism