Beretta to Move After Maryland Gov. Signs Bill

As Maryland moves to institute restrictive gun laws, Beretta is looking for friendlier pastures. Beretta Announces Plans to Move After Maryland Gov. Signs Bill:

Maryland’s new law will restrict the number of rounds allowed in magazines to 10. While this won’t impact Nano, or Pico production or distribution, the magazine limit will make import, warehouseit difficult to work with the 92, 96, PX4, and the ARX 100. Standard capacity M9 magazines couldn’t be brought into or warehoused in the state. The magazine restriction wouldn’t shut Beretta down, but it would make distribution of the full sized pistols (including the M9) much more complicated.

And the “assault weapon” restrictions will hit the ARX line hard. The ARX 100 would be illegal in Maryland. While that may not hinder production of the 5.56 tactical rifle, Maryland residents (some of whom make the ARX 100) couldn’t own the gun. This doesn’t sit well with Beretta.

If that weren’t enough, the new restrictions on Maryland FFL holders will also apply to Beretta, who holds FFLs in the state. Beretta’s ability to service guns at their Maryland facility (where the also teach armorer classes) would be curtailed.

Come to Tennessee. We’ll welcome you with open arms.

Posted May 18th, 2013 Filed in Second Amendment