Andy Rooney, RIP

Andy Rooney comes from a time when even unabashed leftist honorably served in times of crisis. Although Andy Rooney was a journalist during the war, he flew on B-17 during bombing missions, not a safe endeavor.

Another leftist Politian, Senator George McGovern, flew a B-24 Liberator in Europe. He made an emergency landing with a damaged plane on a small airstrip that ended with a cliff. He landed safely and saved his crew.

Now we have Al Gore who wrote for the Army’s engineer magazine “Essayons” and made a short trip to Viet Nam where he had a body gurard to keep the boy safe.

At least he was in uniform.

Makes me think there is something to Starship Troopers.

Posted November 7th, 2011 Filed in Leftists, Liberals & Other Silliness