Abusive Relationship with NFL

The essential Lucianne.com links to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel which notes that Green Bay Packers lock arms during anthem; fans chant ´USA, USA´. But it was the comments that drew my attention, wherein reader after reader noted that the proper way to show respect during the playing of the national anthem is to stand at attention with the right hand held over the heart, a difficult feat when standing with arms locked in an SJW display.

A reader called arcady (post 5) captured the feelings of many:

I used to care. It´s refreshing now. I´m still getting used to this.

I turned on the game a couple times, and I was strangely detached. Not even sad, just detached, and also refreshed.

It´s been a long time since I broke-up with anyone. I feel now, like I was in an abusive relationship that just ended. Sorry NFL, it´s not me, it´s you. USA over NFL any day. And, All Lives Matter over BLM too.


Posted September 29th, 2017 Filed in Leftists, Liberals & Other Silliness