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In real life, AlphaPatriot is Darrell Carden.

The views presented on this site in no way reflects those of my employer, family, friends, acquaintances or distant cousins as these generally fall into three categories: the smart ones that agree with me, those that tolerate me because of my wit, charm, great intellect and modesty, and those who think that I’m a raving wingnut who’s one Kennedy away from going medieval on the next vegan moonbat that barks.

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  1. Ruth Lindsay says:

    I came upon your post on “Rousseauian” after I googled the word, like you, to be sure it in fact existed.

    I just thought you might want to know that J.J. Rousseau was not French, but Swiss. He wrote in French and of course cast a long shadow over the developments of the second half of the eighteenth century and beyond. But he was not at all a Frenchman, and had no love lost on France.

    Just FYI.


  2. Darrell says:

    All true. He was born in Geneva but spent parts of his adult live in Paris, Berlin, England and Switzerland as he bounced around. But he thought enough of Paris to abandon all five of his offspring in an orphanage there (or perhaps he just thought so little of his spawn). And although he was often vilified by Parisian authorities he was embraced by the French populace and statues of him are still scattered throughout France. They claim him and he helped shape their history.

    As far as I am concerned they can have him.

  3. Mark McDonald says:

    Two things. First, for this article about the Virginia class:


    The sub in the accompanying photo is a Russian Alfa. A picayune detail but for the red, white, and blue chest thumping in the copy.

    Secondly, regarding this:

    “3050 Days since ‘Assault Weapons’ ban expired (and streets not yet running red with blood!)”

    Do you read the news?


  4. Darrell says:

    On the subject of the sub, I refer you to Global Security’s article on SSN-774 Virginia-class Batch 3 / Block IV / V. Please see the image there, and then click through to all images in the nav pane on the right.

    On the subject of the Assault Weapons ban, I won’t get into a debate on the futility of attempting to change human behavior through legislation of an object. However, I’m sure you can agree that the “wild west” scenarios that hoplophobes painted as justification for the ban never took place.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. C.K. Philippo says:

    Was the poem you posted at http://alphapatriot.com/feminism-in-the-19th-century/ arranged in a shape, or just in lines the way you transcribed it? Thanks for posting it!

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