69% of Haiti Charity Dollars Remain Unspent

One month after the Haiti earthquake ABC news found that Americans donated almost a half billion dollars to the 23 top American charities.

In total, of the half a billion dollars sent to Haiti relief organizations contacted by ABC News, 18 percent is already being spent on food and water, Additionally, 11 percent is going toward medical supplies and clinics, six percent on housing, and two percent on operations.

But here’s the catch. The money now being spent is only a small fraction of the total donations given. Most of the donations made to the relief efforts — 69 percent or $325 million — have not been spent on anything yet.

There are problems on with both the ability of the charities to manage the unusually large influx of dollars, and problems with international coordination of relief efforts, not to mention the problems with the Haiti infrastructure. Plus, rebuilding is a long-term project and money needs to be left in reserve.

But only 1/3 of our dollars helping people while 2/3 sits in banks? Seems a little light to me.

HT to Charity Navigator.

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Posted February 16th, 2010 Filed in International