14 Reasons for Market Worries

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Best Benghazi Movie Review

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PJ Media covers 3 Stunning Indictments of Obama and Hillary in Benghazi Movie which is hardly unexpected in a movie review from a conservative news source.

But then this:

In the end, 13 Hours isn’t about a terror plot to destroy America, or the potentially damning decisions of elected officials in Washington. It’s about six home-grown American family men who lay their lives on the line for each other against impossible odds. And that’s a hero’s tale worth telling, no matter the political fallout.


13 Hours: Weekly Standard Review

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Stephen F. Hayes at the Weekly Standard calls 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi “powerful” and a film “well worth seeing” in it’s film review titled 13 Hours: Stranger than Fiction. First, they talk about the movie and the impact it has on the viewer:

The movie is based on the book of the same name, written by Boston University journalism professor Mitchell Zuckoff with five CIA contractors who participated in the many battles in Benghazi that night. The authors announced in the book’s introduction that they had sought to avoid the politics of Benghazi in favor of a fact-based account of what happened during the 13 hours of fighting there. And while the film tracks the book’s narrative closely, Bay’s depiction of the sense of abandonment felt by those men, as they wait for help that never arrives, heightens the outrage.

Stephen also talks about the political ramifications (read the whole thing!) and the impact on the GOP primary but the money quote:

Whatever its impact, 13 Hours is a powerful film that is well worth seeing. From beginning to end, it forcefully rejects the sanitized, no-fault version of Benghazi. In scene after powerful scene, it assigns blame: to policymakers in Washington who naïvely overestimated our ability to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys in post-Qaddafi Libya; to Washington bureaucrats who paid little attention to repeated warnings about the security of U.S. facilities in Benghazi; to CIA officials more concerned with career advancement and positive performance reviews than saving lives.

But perhaps the strongest indictment made by 13 Hours is an unspoken one. The film itself is an implicit but devastating critique of the American media that refused to report this story in this way, an establishment media that left to Hollywood the responsibility of telling these important truths.

It’s refreshing to see anything come out of Hollywood that attempts to tell the unvarnished truth about anything. To see a movie that addresses an issue that has current political ramifications spin is almost astounding. I urge you to support these rare events to deliver the message to the west coast that Americans want to see the truth without liberal spin. Read the book and see movie. Maybe even see another of Michael Bay’s movies; voting with your dollar is the most effective vote you can cast.


One Month of Multiculturalism in Sweden

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Sweden has a population of only 9.64 million, yet the number of refugees slated for acceptance into Sweden last year was 190,000, or about an additional 2% of the population. But in late November the Swedish government suddenly slammed shut the gaping door.
The official line was economic; it seems that accepting 10,000 freeloaders a day was putting a strain on the small country’s budget.
But one wonders if that is all there is to the story.
We turn to the Gatestone Institute which has an impressive list of crime stories from Sweden for just the month of November, all related to the “refugees.”
Read them all in Sweden: Rapes, Acquittals and Severed Heads, but the final story says it all:

November 28: A large mob at an asylum house in Nora tried to break into a room where a woman had barricaded herself along with her son. Some 30 Muslim men apparently thought the woman was in violation of Islamic sharia law, by being in Sweden unaccompanied by a man. They thought that she should therefore be raped and her teenage son killed. Asylum house staff called the police, who averted the plan.

Source:   http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/7133/sweden-rapes-acquittals-severed-heads

UK Gov

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Simon Black calls attaching to the chilling UK government ‘advice’ asks parents to spy on their children (emphasis added):

In a series of pamphlets circulated among local governments in the United Kingdom, British parents are now being encouraged to spy on their own children, and to report any instances of possible ‘radicalization’.

Of course this advice comes with a nifty set of instructions for how to spot a terrorist in your own home:

The first three “signs”:

  • Out of character changes in dress, behaviour and changes in their friendship group;
  • Losing interest in previous activities and friendships;
  • Secretive behaviour and switching screens when you come near—

Imagine that– a teenager who doesn’t want mom and dad to see what he’s doing on his iPhone? Or a 14-year old who starts dressing differently and hanging out with a different group of friends?

Funny, this sounds like. . . pretty much every teenager on the planet.

But even more unsettling are these:

  • Showing a mistrust of mainstream media reports and belief in conspiracy theories;
  • Appearing angry about government policies, especially foreign policy.

So apparently now questioning the propaganda and government policies are considered evidence of subversive, extremist behavior.

If you don’t fall in line, you’re a radical. And the government now wants to train parents to rat out their own children.

Another clear example of governments who view any behavior not in line with the toe-the-line, don’t-question-just-pay-your-taxes, pay-no-attention-as-we-rob-you-blind-and-erode-your-freedoms sheeple as a danger to the status quo. Although this happened in the UK, let’s be honest and admit that it could just as easily be issued from the printing presses in Washington.

I wonder who would be most outraged by what the USA has become. Madison? Hamilton? Jefferson?

Too bad more people alive today are not equally outraged.

10 Years and $1B Gets You …

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This is a story of a government initiative that was supposed to revolutionize an antiquated paper-based system in 8 years and for the bargain price of $500 million dollars. What could go wrong?

Everything, apparently. And I do mean everything. Work that has to be redone. Scrapping technology solutions because they were out of date before being put into production. Poor planning. Mismanagement. The list is endless.

The Washington Post has the entire, sordid story but basically the project has already taken ten years, has already spent a billion (with a “B”) dollars, and has resulted in just one out of 95 documents being available online.

One document.

A decade of work. A billion dollars. One document, 94 to go.

While the government diddles ...Heaving under mountains of paperwork, the government has spent more than $1 billion trying to replace its antiquated approach to managing immigration with a system of digitized records, online applications and a full suite of nearly 100 electronic forms.

A decade in, all that officials have to show for the effort is a single form that’s now available for online applications and a single type of fee that immigrants pay electronically. The 94 other forms can be filed only with paper.

This project, run by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, was originally supposed to cost a half-billion dollars and be finished in 2013. Instead, it’s now projected to reach up to $3.1 billion and be done nearly four years from now, putting in jeopardy efforts to overhaul the nation’s immigration policies, handle immigrants already seeking citizenship and detect national security threats, according to documents and interviews with former and current federal officials.

Did you see that? Only another $3.1 billion and four more years to fix everything and get another 94 documents online!

Anyone taking book on whether it takes longer and costs much, much more? Because I want some of that action. I’d bet my life savings that the project won’e be completed by 2020 in less than $6B. Seriously.

It’s worth mentioning that the one process that has been digitized isn’t for new immigrants; it’s to replace or renew a Green Card. It doesn’t keep known terrorists out of the country. It doesn’t identify known criminals attempting to live among our citizens. It was low hanging fruit and has low impact to our safety. A billion dollars so someone can renew a green card.

And the media wonders why so many see Donald Trump is seen as a viable alternative to career politicians and a bat toting neurosurgeon.

Yep, a DNC Chair is Right

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My new favorite Democrat is Tulsi Gabbard. She was deployed twice to Iraq with the National Guard and is a vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee. And she is vocally critical of Obama’s foreign policy.

Here she is talking with with Bill Maher, with whom I rarely agree. This is an exception:

Bill Maher Goes Off, Asks Dem Rep. Why Obama Won’t Say ‘Islamic Extremism’ (video)

On CNN this morning she calls the US effort to oust Assad “Illegal” and accuses the CIA of backing terrorists:

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: CIA Must Stop Illegal, Counterproductive War to Overthrow Assad (video)

Now if the Dems would start putting up candidates like this for president instead of treasonous lying criminals, they’d start getting my vote. But that won’t happen.

Let the circuses continue. I hope I keep getting some bread.

26 Things I Trust More than Hillary Clinton

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Things I Trust More than Hillary Clinton…

  1. Mexican tap water
  2. A rattlesnake with a “pet me” sign
  3. OJ Simpson showing me his knife collection
  4. An elevator ride with Ray Rice
  5. Taking pills offered by Bill Cosby
  6. Michael Jackson’s Doctor
  7. A Palestinian in Isreal with a backpack on a motorcycle
  8. Gas station Sushi
  9. A Jimmy Carter economic plan
  10. Brian Williams news reports
  11. Loch Ness monster sightings
  12. Playing Russian Roulette with a semi-auto pistol
  13. Emails from Nigerian princes
  14. The Heimlich Maneuver from Barney Frank
  15. A prostate exam from Captain Hook
  16. Prayers for peace from Al Sharpton
  17. Rosie O showing restraint at an all-you-can-eat buffet
  18. Prostitutes in Thailand
  19. Joe Biden with his arm around me.
  20. The government when it says a tax will be temporary
  21. North Korean media
  22. John Kerry’s war record.
  23. Obama’s Birth Certificate
  24. Kool Aid at a Jim Jones party
  25. Paris Hilton proofreading a college thesis
  26. Nancy Pelosi’s grip on reality

See an expanded list of 109 things I trust more than Hillary Clinton at ThingsITrustMoreThanHillary.com.

Obamacare Site Accepts Bogus Documents

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After billions have been spent, Obamacare continues to disappoint … unless you are trying to get a free ride on the back of honest American taxpayers, in which case you’ll love this!

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has verified that Obamacare exchanges continue to accept counterfeit documents. The GAO created 10 fake profiles for submital to the California and Kentucky exchanges, complete with “counterfeit follow-up documentation, such as fictitious Social Security cards with impossible Social Security numbers, for all 10 undercover applications.”

The sites failed to verify basic information such as household income, Social Security number, or even*gasp* citizenship. Instead, fraudulent documentation was accepted and the fake people covered under American taxpayer largesse. 

“For each of the 10 undercover applications where we obtained qualified health-plan coverage, the respective marketplace directed that our applicants submit supplementary documentation… we provided …

“For all 10 of these undercover applications, we maintained subsidized coverage beyond the period during which applicants may file supporting documentation to resolve inconsistencies.”

Every one of the 10 faux people were granted Obamacare premium tax credit and cost-sharing reduction subsidies, totaling $2,300 in tax credits per month.

Now multiply that by how many illegal aliens in this country?

As the Americans for Tax Reform notes, this is not the first time that Obamacare Exchanges have failed similar audits. Click through to see the list of four other government tests that the system has failed … all in 2015!

Sony’s’Truth’ Bombs at Box Office

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Revisionist history via Hollywood isn’t going to win this one. Despite heavy support from Sony Classic Pictures, this fairy tale of Dan Rather and Mary Mapes’ career-ending support of a bogus news story to push their liberal agenda is not going to influence another generation of young voters. 

Unenthusiastic reviews led up to a weak limited release weekend with a “pathetic” per-theater average of just $11,000, bringing in only $66,000. 

Younger-skewing publications like Paste echoed many of the mixed reactions in pointing out that the film “feels phony, but doesn’t offer up any entertainment value in the place of the honesty it’s lacking.”

Dorothy Rabinowitz observes in WSJ:

Despite its glamorization, this saga of a news investigation built on fabrications presented as important truth isn’t likely to persuade anyone with any knowledge of this history.

Hollywood continues to ignore the lessons of the past: patriotic, uplifting themes sell while liberal brain washing fails.