Driving the Agenda Home

When Bannon and Gorka left the White House, I said it was part of a larger strategy to set up an outside office and drive the MAGA agenda. I am even more convinced of that now.

The best news I’ve heard is “GOP strategists are reportedly not worried about 2018 primary threats led by Steve Bannon.”

Good. Continue to underestimate the Trump/Bannon dynamic duo just like everyone did every single day since The Donald descended on the escalator. See how that works out for you.

The Tea Party was a declaration that fizzled because it was a movement without a leader but the dissatisfaction with the Uniparty was real. Trump and Bannon saw this as a strategic opportunity and seized this moment in history to change the course of the world. The people see this, believe it, and will continue to support him. The victory of Roy Moore was the shot heard ’round the world.

As Bannon expands his list of potential RINO targets, everyone in Congress should take notice and get on board with the president’s agenda. Should. But not everyone does.

Known RINO, Congressman Ryan Costello (R- PA), says he’s “not afraid of Steve Bannon.” Instead of sponsoring more gun control in response to the Las Vegas shooting, he’d better jump on the Trump Train quick. Crooked Hillary won his district by just six tenths of a percent (47.6% to 47.0%). Pennsylvania as a whole flipped red to help put Trump in the White House, in spite of voter fraud. See the trend. Recognize.

Better yet, continue to underestimate and stay a RINO. We don’t need you and after the mid-terms we won’t be saddled with you any more.

Trump’s strategy is continuing to put the spotlight on those who are vulnerable … in both parties. Now he’s tying border security to DACA in a strategic move:

President Trump has put many of the Democrats in these red states in a tough situation.  They will have to support border security if they want DACA.

This is a brilliant move by President Trump, and it should pay off with a final product that accomplishes his immigration objectives.

Image, the Uniparty and media elites still think Trump doesn’t understand politics.

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Abusive Relationship with NFL

The essential Lucianne.com links to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel which notes that Green Bay Packers lock arms during anthem; fans chant ´USA, USA´. But it was the comments that drew my attention, wherein reader after reader noted that the proper way to show respect during the playing of the national anthem is to stand at attention with the right hand held over the heart, a difficult feat when standing with arms locked in an SJW display.

A reader called arcady (post 5) captured the feelings of many:

I used to care. It´s refreshing now. I´m still getting used to this.

I turned on the game a couple times, and I was strangely detached. Not even sad, just detached, and also refreshed.

It´s been a long time since I broke-up with anyone. I feel now, like I was in an abusive relationship that just ended. Sorry NFL, it´s not me, it´s you. USA over NFL any day. And, All Lives Matter over BLM too.


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Michello O Goes Wacko

Michelle Obama says that females who voted for Trump only did so because they were told to.

Seriously? Anyone who thinks I can tell my Latina wife how to vote is more delusional than Hillary. So what does that say about the mental status of the former First Lady?

On a related note, if you call my wife Mexican-American she will angrily correct you to say that she is Texan-American. Period.

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NFL Truth Bomb

John P. Warren at Townhall tells us The Biggest Lie of All

In Sunday’s NFL games, 200 players took a knee or failed to appear on the field (Steelers, Titans, and the Seahawks) during the national anthem. My beloved Steelers stuck their own low note: Not only did team members stay in the locker room—all out of respect for knee-benders?—but Coach Mike Tomlin thought it appropriate to chastise Alejandro Villanueva—a West Point graduate and US Army veteran—for “disrespecting the team” by standing—alone—on the field in respect for the flag. Mr. Villanueva’s right of expression is, apparently, not so free. What bitter irony!

This simple fan’s opinion is this: when a player puts on a Steeler uniform (and is paid huge sums to do so), he represents his team, his city, his fans, the NFL, and what is noble about sports. So he doesn’t get to do whatever he wants in the stadium. When the national anthem is played, it is never about a cause or the unsavory words of one man. It’s much greater than that. They stand, Mr. Tomlin, for the team of Americans everywhere who have worked and died for the players—and all of us—to live our dreams. Protest we may, of course, but on our own time and our own dime.

Amen! Read it all.

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Even Canada Doesn’t Want a Traitor

Traitor Chelsea Manning has been refused entry into the NA liberal bastion of Canada because, as she put it, of conviction similar to treason:

Canadian law stipulates that a person may be barred from entering the country if “convicted of an offense outside Canada that, if committed in Canada, would constitute an offense under an Act of Parliament punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of at least 10 years.”

In the ruling, the unnamed official noted that Manning’s actions would have constituted treason according to Canadian law, a charge that holds a minimum sentence of 14 years.

Too bad. I’d rather have her in Canada than roaming free in the USA. Recall that Obama commuted her sentence and she was released after serving only 7 of the 35 years to which she was sentence. Recall also that she plea-bargained to get the 35 years in order to avoid the death penalty.

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Hillary Humor

One of many I-can’t-get-over-it memes:

50 Shades of Blame by Shrillery

via Pinterest

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Draining the Fed

The Chief Economist and Deputy Chief Economist at First Trust coauthored an article in which they point out that although the economy has returned to normal after the Panic of 2008, the one thing that hasn’t done so is the size and overreach of government with an emphasis on the Fed. Indeed, the point they make is that it is time to drain the Fed swamp:

It wasn’t government that saved the economy.  Quantitative Easing was started in September 2008.  TARP was passed on October 3, 2008.  Yet, for the next five months markets continued to implode, the economy plummeted and private money did not flow to private banks.

On March 9, 2009, with the announcement that insanely rigid mark-to-market accounting rules would be changed, the markets stopped falling, the economy turned toward growth and private investors started investing in banks.  All this happened immediately when the accounting rule was changed.  No longer could these crazy rules wipe out bank capital by marking down asset values despite little to no change in cash flows.  Changing this rule was the key to recovery, not QE, TARP or “stress tests.”

The Fed, and supporters of government intervention, ignore all these facts.  They never address them.  Why?  First, institutions protect themselves even if it’s at the expense of the truth.  Second, human nature doesn’t like to admit mistakes.  Third, Washington DC always uses crises to grow.  Admitting that their policies haven’t worked would lead to a smaller government with less power.

The Fed has become massive.  Its balance sheet is nearly 25% of GDP.  Never before has it been this large.  And yet, the economy has grown relatively slowly.  Back in the 1980s and 1990s, with a much smaller Fed balance sheet, the economy grew far more rapidly.

Here’s hoping the Don is as good at making Fed appointments as he is at appointing good judges.

Hat tip: Outside the Box from Mauldin Economics

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Lesson for the Day

Hiroshima vs Detroit, then and now

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Hillary’s Tax-and-Spend Plans

Investor Business Daily analyzes Hillary’s recent speech on her plans to improve the economy.

Hillary Clinton’s Economic Plan: Tax-And-Spend With A Vengeance

But her answer to every question was the same: more government spending, more government mandates and regulations, and higher taxes on businesses and investors. Indeed, in 30 minutes she managed to pack in a huge number of new government programs.

It will be 8 years of the Obama economy part deux. Just remember that Obama is the first and only president in our 227 year history to fail to achieve 3% GDP growth even once during his term.

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Trump Fan Shot

No longer just shouting down free speech when it disagrees with their own opinions, anti-Trump liberals have been increasingly violent. We’ve seen punches thrown, shoving, throwing debri, chasing and tackling, homes vandalized, and even death threats for those expressing support for the next President. In an incident 25 July 2016, a man was shot in Cleveland for the offense of expressing support for Trump.

The 60-year-old victim said he thought Trump would make a good president. 45-year-old Darnell Hall said he would not. Hall then left the establishment, retrieved a weapon, returned, and brandished the weapon which discharged and hit the victim in the leg.

This is not a heat-of-the-moment exchange. Said liberal left, retrieved, and returned showing malice of forethought. He is free on a mere $15,000 bond.