Mozilla Suffers Major Backlash

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In reaction to widespread demonstration of classic liberal intolerance, Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich stepped down after less than two weeks on the job. His crime is a paltry $1,000 donation in support of California’s Proposition 8, for which seven million Californians voted and successfully passed.

Oh yeah, and Eich also made campaign contributions in past years to Republican candidates such as Pat Buchanan.

The response from the larger public has been gratifying as Mozilla set a new company record today for online customer dissatisfaction:

Read about it at Conservative Intelligence Briefing. HT Instapundit who has his usual smattering of sage observation and pithy links.

The comments on their feedback page seem uniformly negative at the moment (mine certainly was).

Finally, Firefox meets firestorm: Mozilla clams up.

Liberals. Gotta love their consistency.

Poster shamelessly stolen from Ellysa Maye’s Twitter feed.

Forbes: Obama’s Disdain For The Constitution Means We Risk Losing Our Republic

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Forbes calls for impeachment of Obama, and makes a strong case for doing so. Read the whole article, but here is the money quote:

The most important point is that Mr. Obama does not consider himself bound by the Constitution. He could not have made that more clear. He has drawn a line in the concrete and we cannot ignore it.

Those who currently hold political office, and who want to keep our system of government, need to act now. Surely, rejection of the Constitution is grounds for impeachment and charges should be filed. In addition, there are many other actions that Congressmen can and should take—actions that will tell Mr. Obama that we have seen where he is going and we will not let our country go without a fight.

At the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, Benjamin Franklin was asked what form of government had been created. “A republic,” he replied, “if you can keep it.”

We are losing it. If Mr. Obama’s reach for unprecedented power is not stopped, that will be the end. Everyone who values his life and liberty should find some way to say “No!” “Not now!” “Not yet!” “Not ever!”

This isn’t the National Review. This isn’t the Heritage Foundation. This is Forbes.

Finally. Now let’s get some traction on this.

Big Asses on Truck

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Received via email:

Big Asses Makes Truck Look Big

Real Cost of a Higher Minimum Wage

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Quora is a site where anyone can ask any question and anyone else can answer. Those providing answers include such luminaries as Steve Case (dot com billionaire), Ashton Kutcher (remarkably intelligent, contrary to his TV personas), Larry Summers (political economist), Sid Espinosa (Palo Alto mayor), Tiki Barber (former NY Giants running back) and many more.

Many of the questions are posed in a biased manner, such as the one below. I love it when someone with real life experience blows a hole in the bias to expose truth, especially when it demolishes a liberal line of group-think. Click through to read a Dane’s response to the question:

2014 Minimum Wage Debate: Do Republicans ignore the economic stimulative effect of raising the minimum wage?

Experts: Obama Bruised, Limited Political Capital

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Eurasia Group, who claims to be “world’s leading global political risk research and consulting firm,” sets up the State of the Union thusly:

“Obama’s speech … will largely be a political address aimed less at motivating congressional action in this election year, and more at providing a boost to Democrats in the House running for re-election and in the Senate where the party faces a challenge in maintaining its majority. … Obama is a bruised president, with limited political capital left to spend in Congress, and a perception that he is out of ideas.”

Extracted from Politico’s Morning Money, eigth item.

Big Idea 2014: The Texasization of America

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Glenn Kelman, CEO of technology-powered real estate brokerage firm Redfin, writes about how the economy is impacting not only politics, but demographics as well:

It turns out that over the past three years, Texas has been America’s fastest-growing state, adding 913,642 people, nearly the population of Rhode Island. Almost half moved from elsewhere in the U.S. Of the 22 markets Redfin serves, the three in our Texas business are growing the fastest, at an average of more than 300% per year. And why not? A home in Houston costs less than a third what it would in, say, San Francisco, and it averages more than twice the size.

This migration to affordable housing is accelerating because, for the first time in a generation, home prices are increasing faster than wages or credit.

… Newly mobile Americans, freed for the first time in five years from underwater mortgages, won’t just move across the street. They’ll move across the country.

It will be, in the most literal sense, a political movement. The conservatives tired of the taxes in coastal cities are already leaving, in a process of segregation that can only increase America’s polarization.

The bigger change will be that the rest of the political spectrum likes the cost of living in Texas too, and once there will likely move to the right. After all, your politics don’t just change where you live; where you live changes your politics. To hear conservatives tell it, even people who want to be liberal can’t afford it.

… This is why the move to Texas isn’t just a move, it’s a movement, of people, businesses and governments, for better and for worse.

Just as what happened to America in the 1960s, from beat poetry to psychedelic drugs, happened first in California; now it is happening in Texas, with its diversity, its small-government swagger, its megapolitan areas. Texas is, after all, a state of mind. And it’s becoming America’s state of mind.

Link: Big Idea 2014: The Texasization of America | LinkedIn.

Luring California businesses away is a growing phenomena, and Texas is rated at the top of the list of attractive destinations due to incentives offered to businesses.

There’s lots of room in the flyover states and home prices will forever be lower than coastal properties. And if the “small-government state of mind” can survive business success, there might be hope for us yet.

CIA applicants with ties to Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda

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Some applicants for CIA jobs are flagged because of one issue or another. Of those that were flagged, about 20% had “significant terrorist and/or hostile intelligence connections” to al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah. Makes you wonder how many didn’t get flagged and caught. Well, it made the NSA wonder, too:

The NSA, in response, launched investigations into 4,000 instances of suspected abnormal staff activity, Ynet News said. Those investigations included the tracking of employee keystrokes on agency computers and the recording of document downloads.

CIA finds 1 in 5 flagged job applicants come from Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda – Washington Times

Best Comments

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… To the NRO editorial on DoJ planned civil rights investigation and possible persecution of G Zimmerman on Federal charges:


I wouldn’t take bets about how low Eric Holder would stoop.


Can a snake stoop?


Justice takes a back seat to politics. Shame.

Zimmerman Defense Motion for Judgment of Acquittal

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Legal Insurrection posts a thorough analysis of the oral motion for a judgment of acquittal made after the State closed their case against George Zimmerman. Law Junkies and lawyers will want to read the whole thing. For the rest of us, the results are summed up in the introduction:

The motion was well-reasoned, and strongly founded on Florida’s case law. It was also doomed to fail before a Judge who has consistently denied reasonable defense motions out of hand, while rubber-stamping motions by the State that bear not the slightest relevancy to the facts of this case.

Best comment I found:

It appears that the State is suffering from the same problem that plagued Trayvon Martin: Poor victim selection skills.


Link: Zimmerman Trial | Defense Motion for Judgment of Acquittal.

CA AG Bans All New Semiautomatic Handguns

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Truth About Guns tells us how California’s AG Harris Effectively Bans All New Semiautomatic Handguns in California:

California’s Kamala Harris, the best-looking attorney general in the nation, has signed a letter mandating micro stamping technology for all new semiautomatic handguns being sold in the Golden State. [Read the letter here.] Any new model handgun must have a microstamped serial number somewhere on the gun’s frame and a firing pin that stamps a unique number onto the cartridge before (or as) it ignites the primer.”

Nobody does this. If they did, it would make all such firearms too expensive for anybody, including the government.